First thing on my to-do list

Does support the Metaweblog API?

I want to create and edit my posts in the OPML Editor, of course. ;->

We’re both happy members of the GPL family, so we should connect up, of course, right?


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  1. Thanks Richard. That’s the first step.


  2. Dave,
    I’ve used the MetaWeblog API quite successfully with a little Perl XMl-RPC client I wrote for the Classcaster project with one change. The newMediaObject function does not do a base64_decode() call on the $bits variable, so if you actually base64_encode() your data as per the spec, it fails. The change, made around line 883 of the current xmlrpc.php file:
    $success = fwrite($ifp, $bits);

    I’ve spotted this in other systems too and it seems to come from the behavior of hte Ecto blogging client which may not base64_encode $bits before doing the upload. That’s OK for some stuff like pictures, but other things like MP3s need that base64 encoding to survive a trip over the wire. I will admit I haven’t looked Ecto, so I may be wrong, but the change to the WordPress code doesn’t seem to cause any problems other than letting me create newMediaObjects out of MP3s.

    Well, that was too much information:)


  3. Rats, it dropped my code insert. Ishould’ve known that. The changed line above that is missing is 883c883
    $success = fwrite($ifp, base64_decode($bits));


  4. You know the person to ask is brent, since I am pretty sure he uses metaweblog api for wordpress in marsedit. One key is the blog id needs to be ‘1’ (a one) I think. Also make sure your wordpress install is up to date, there were some glitches in earlier versions. Also in order for the image upload to work you need to make sure that the images folder you set in the options is writable. It’s a common complaint.

    Sam D


  5. Hi Dave,

    What do you think of SSE by Microsoft? Is it something we should pay attention to? What is your take on it? (Sorry for using this in place of mailing you. Link to email you from your site didn’t work and gave some error, hence this comment 😉

    Thanks – Tariq


  6. Hey Dave;

    I tried to do this about 3 months back with the OPML Editor and my standalone WordPress blog – spent about a day and a half picking through the code and building up a shot at it (needless to say, I’m no Frontier developer yet). I kept getting failures on the login and eventually put it aside until I had time to interace with the Fronter Devs list to ask for help (which time has not yet come).

    Long story short, if you get this working for it should parley to other WordPress blogs and I’d love to know what you did to get it running.



  7. how do u get so many people to comment your blogs?


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