Scripting News for 2/8/2006

Reminder: Berkeley Blogger’s Dinner tomorrow at 7PM. 

Dan MacTough continues to work on getting OPML Community Server to run on Mac OS X. 

As part of the rewrite of Scripting News, I now have an OPML file listing the monthly archive going back to April 1997. 

Breakfast with Lisa Williams a couple of Sundays ago was a long varying discussion of friendship. We figured a lot of things out.  

NY Times: “The largest study ever to ask whether a low-fat diet reduces the risk of getting cancer or heart disease has found that the diet has no effect.” 

One would hope 

With the Constitution under attack in the US, by our own government, how much hope is there that the western countries will express a collective outrage of the violent intimidation of Muslims to keep us from saying negative things about them.

Just writing this little bit scares me. What a crock that is. I’m not watching Fox or listening to right wing talk radio. What are they saying about the Muslims rioting about the cartoons? I don’t suppose they worry too much about their contradictions. Which side do they come down on?

Can you find the cartoons on Google? I tried, and came up empty. Lots of stories. The cartoons themselves are not on the web. I’d like to see what we’re talking about here. Google Denmark has the cartoon, but it’s apparently been deleted from the original site. (Actually the page referring to the graphic is gone, the cartoon is still there.) With Google censoring in China, one has to wonder when censorship will appear in Google in the US.

BBC: “One of the cartoons shows the Prophet wearing a headdress shaped like a bomb, while another shows him saying that paradise is running short of virgins for suicide bombers.”

BuzzMachine: “Staffers at the New York Press walked out in protest after they were forced to pull the now-infamous Danish Muslim cartoons.”

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  1. Hmm. I found them on Google quite quickly the other day:


  2. Posted by HvI on February 8, 2006 at 3:55 am

    And don’t forget to read about the cartoon that wasn’t a cartoon.


  3. Sounds like we are in two different worlds, here in northern europe ( I live in Finland) this has been the subject of talk for the last week.

    The cartoons are all over, I don~t get why you searched for “Pakistan” (with mohammed cartoon), as nothing going on on Pakistan other than some staged “free willed” demonstration by the localhardliners. In fact, if you removed the word pakistan you’d find a few of the cartoons on the first page.

    I recommend wikipedia’s article (I know you’re not to found of it 🙂 ), the editor has been keeping up and is doing a nice job, including listing the cartoons and discussing the “fake cartoons”.


  4. Don’t forget about this blog devoted to the cartoons. I found it the other day.


  5. Posted by Henk Doornbos on February 8, 2006 at 4:50 am

    klick on ” Lees verder”
    under the heading

    “Groep Wilders betuigt steun aan Deense cartoonisten en publiceert spotprenten”

    can’t link directly…

    like the cartoons…


  6. I am fond of Wikipedia. I am concerned when it’s considered authoritative. Did you foolow the drama of the podcasting page. Lots of other pages are battlegrounds. Some pages seem to be great. I point to it a lot.

    Why I was searching for Pakistan — human error. I had been looking up articles about the riots in Pakistan about the cartons.


  7. My mother had been on a low fat diet for decades (she really doesn’t like eating meat and doughnuts don’t interest her much). She never lost weight — she didn’t gain much either. Because of my type 2 diabetes and the failure of all drugs to control it, I had to go looking for a solution. Last year I found a book called ‘The Rosedale Diet’

    I can’t deal with his supplements, but the change in my diet and a slight increase in exercise has resulted in a 75 pound weight loss. Both of my parents have switched to it and have lost weight. My dad no longer needs his diabetic meds.

    Cutting fats isn’t the key; eating the right fats are. Of course, if you don’t like fish, olive oil and nuts, you’ll need to look elsewhere.


  8. Posted by Jake on February 8, 2006 at 5:54 am

    Writing which bit scares you? And who scares you?


  9. Posted by Michael on February 8, 2006 at 6:29 am

    ‘I’m not watching Fox or listening to right wing talk radio. What are they saying about the Muslims rioting about the cartoons?”

    I can’t give an authoritative answer in either case – partly because I’m in the UK. But so far as I can tell, current right-wing opinion in the US on this one tends more-or-less be along these lines:

    “Very few societies are genuinely multicultural. Most are bicultural: On the one hand, there are folks who are black, white, gay, straight, pre-op transsexual, Catholic, Protestant, Buddhist, worshippers of global-warming doom-mongers, and they rub along as best they can. And on the other hand are folks who do not accept the give-and-take, the rough-and-tumble of a “diverse” “tolerant” society, and, when one gently raises the matter of their intolerance, they threaten to kill you, which makes the question somewhat moot.”

    That’s Mark Steyn in the Sun Times.

    You’ll find similar sentiments at right-wing blogs, such as Little Green Footballs.

    Right-wing opinion in the UK is somewhat similar. Some conservative commentators (for example, Roger Scruton, John Casey) have felt motivated to express a sympathy for Islamic sentiments outraged by the cartoons on the basis that piety is worthy of respect:

    But I think it fair to say that most people on the right over here feel that, even if that is true, the reaction to the cartoons has been so disproportionate – and so clearly orchestrated – as to pose a far greater problem.

    It seems that travelling imams have been whipping this one up. They likely distributed Danish flags to burn – not many of those hanging around in Middle East closets in the normal way of things – and have, moreover, been showing Muslims around the globe the cartoons with three extra drawings silently added. These three are vastly more unpleasant than the fairly harmless originals. I suppose we should take that deceit as an unconscious recognition of the weakness of the Islamist position on this one.

    An Iranian newspaper is now running a competition for cartoons of the Holocaust, saying that this will be a test of Western hypocrisy with regards to free speech. An Islamic paper has also published a cartton of Hitler, in bed with Anne Frank, saying “This is one for the diary”. So far some 14 people have been killed in protest riots across the Islamic world. A Roman Catholic priest was shot dead on the doorstep of his church in Turkey, and likely his death should be added to the tally, too.

    Muslim protestors in London carried banners with death threats and slogans glorifying the holocaust –

    – but London’s Met Police made no arrests. There is a certain amount of pressure for them to do so now, but it remains to be seen whether they will, and it may be too late now anyway.

    If you want to see the original Jyllands-Posten cartoons, Michelle Malkin has them on her site:


  10. Hi Dave,

    I mirrored 12 original cartoons on my blog. If you like quicker response, please go to


  11. Posted by Pippa on February 8, 2006 at 7:17 am

    Is it illegal (and would it cause outrage) to burn the US flag ?


  12. Posted by billg on February 8, 2006 at 7:57 am

    Cartoons: There’s reason to doubt the spontaneity of many of the outbursts. Would many devout Muslims take honest offense at the cartoons? Yes, but they would not have known they existed if not for a deliberate campaign by Danish Muslim clerics to publicize them, apparently to foment this kind of reaction. It also looks like Damascus-based groups were involved with the Beiruit protests, probably because Damascus saw a chance to discredit Lebanon in the eyes of the West. I would be surprised if local regimes and other groups weren’t also leveraging all this for their own advantage. It fits the pattern of authoritarian Muslim leaders deflecting attention from their own abuses by instigating outrage at the West.

    Eating Fats: The study didn’t seem to take account of the difference between trans and saturated fats and what we now know about “good” fats. But, the key is always caloric intake. Eat 4000 calories worth of lettuce every day and you’ll get fat. Most of us would live longer if we ate less, moved more, and got more sleep.


  13. Is it illegal (and would it cause outrage) to burn the US flag ?

    Assuming that’s a question and not a rhetorical statement expressed as a question…

    1. I am not a lawyer but I’m pretty sure it’s not illegal.

    2. It would not cause me outrage, maybe annoyance. I’m sure it would outrage some Americans, but I don’t think anyone would go kill people over it, at least not now.

    I’ll you what does cause my outrage — people committing mass-murder in the name of their religion, and then the same people rioting and killing and threatening people who are not members of their religion over some cartoons. I’d say their priorities are pretty screwed up.


  14. Dave,

    Here’s a collage of the cartoons.

    “I’ll you what does cause my outrage — people committing mass-murder in the name of their religion, and then the same people rioting and killing and threatening people who are not members of their religion over some cartoons. I’d say their priorities are pretty screwed up.”

    Amen brother.


  15. Posted by Pippa on February 8, 2006 at 9:11 am

    Thank you for your reply Dave.

    It was a serious question, and I appreciate your answer.


  16. Posted by bob on February 8, 2006 at 9:35 am

    I think cultural globalisation invites all journalism now to new responsibilities. Can liberty of the press not take into account religious sensitivities ? Some Muslims are not ready for criticism, why not respect this, for peace… this does not prevent trying intelligent dialog, and letting time and reason make things evolve.


  17. Posted by Private european on February 8, 2006 at 9:54 am

    Left, right or middle it took “semi-officials” americans a strangely long while to notice the row and the contrasting responses of European Govts versus *real* europeans.
    FYI, the informative links are:

    Which shows:
    REAL muslims vs muslim bashers (more than 1300 comments!)

    An american you should be proud of:

    For extras,
    Most offensive website (Dutch):

    Most EXPLANATORY, if this is right we are all screwed in the deadlock:


  18. Posted by Ben on February 8, 2006 at 11:16 am

    Hi Dave,

    Try this link , shows all images through the ages.



  19. Posted by Eric on February 8, 2006 at 11:26 am

    In the United States, it’s legal to burn the flag provided (1) you own the flag and (2) you have the appropriate fire permits. Flag burning at protests is relatively uncommon, but politicians love to grandstand and propose Constitutional ammendments(!) to prevent flag burning.

    You can preach pretty much any fool thing you want in America–there aren’t even any laws against spreding Nazi propaganda, unlike many EU countries. (In fairness, we do have rules against inciting riots and something called “fighting words,” though the latter is almost never invoked by the Supreme Court.)


  20. >I think cultural globalisation invites all journalism now to new responsibilities.
    I agree, but the greater responsibility is not to muslims, its to the readers, after seeing this violent over reaction, spearheaded by religious leaders, its all the more important to respect and wield freedom of speech. It is now more than obvious that some religious factions have a vested interest in quashing self expression.
    >Can liberty of the press not take into account religious sensitivities ?
    There is no Liberty of the Press if it is at anytime expected to be sensitive to religion.
    > Some Muslims are not ready for criticism, why not respect this, for peace…
    Yes, and some Muslims, like most of those who protested violently, embrace Sharia Law, it has a whole lot to say about free speech and criticizing Mohammed- Oh ya, and Women’s rights also.

    I am disgusted by the violent outrage over a few cartoons. You never see Catholics burning down an embasy over a few Pope Cartoons. You’ll never see a bunch of United Methodists setting fire trucks ablaze because John Wesley was mocked in some news paper. The world has to recognize that ignorance is a plague, those who never knew free speech, bound by religious chains, will never understand it.

    Its a good thing we’re creating yet another Islamic Theocracy in Iraq though, that’s gonna help alot!. Thanks George!



  21. One of the biggest things to make a difference here in Australia is the Muslim leaders who have (better late than never) become very quick to denounce any voilence perpretrated in the name of Islam.

    Most Australians now make the distinction between the Muslim community and the violent minority who just use Islam as an excuse to blow things up.

    The right wing commentators are generally ignored.

    BTW: CSIRO in Australia have a great diet book!


  22. Quite a number of full-size images of all the cartoons at:


  23. Posted by Anton on February 8, 2006 at 1:03 pm

    Hello Dave,

    Perhaps this article on different forms of fatty acids or essential fatty acids is of interest.

    It is also interesting to observe at what time to eat. It is better not to eat after 5 o’clock in the evening. But it is in the evening when the sensation, sensory impressions, taste buds or sense of taste are most sensitive 🙂

    Looking forward how you find a work around on this juxtaposition.

    Perhaps Monty Python’s the Meaning of Life is right


  24. Posted by Anton on February 8, 2006 at 1:06 pm



  25. Posted by Anton on February 8, 2006 at 1:14 pm

    Perhaps this aticle on fatty acids or essential fatty acids is of interest to you.

    In addition, no food after 5 o’clock in the evening 🙂


  26. Posted by Marcelo Lopez on February 8, 2006 at 1:30 pm

    C’mon Dave. Constitution on the attack ? It’s on the attack from all sides, both left and right. I don’t know what the UK media is saying, but on both Air America ( Jerry Springer..Oy ! ) and Hannity ( Oy Vey ! ) have denounced what’s going on over in places like Indonesia and the like. Hannity even derided on the CNN decision made out of “sensitivity” to NOT show the cartoon. Personally, it makes me wonder why NO ONE in the “Mainstream media” has plowed ahead, MSNBC, Fox, anybody ! Political correctness is not a measure to apply to this story, innocent people have been injured and died.

    There’s plenty of sheepishness to spread around, so let’s not get slopped into this side or that, does or doesn’t do or say this or that. The media over here has almost as a WHOLE reacted very skittishly to airing an image of that cartoon. Frankly, I’m wondering if a cartoonist had the balls to pen a cartoon exactly with the same depiction as was drawn in the Danish cartoon, but instead of a headdress in the shape of a bomb, depicted Mohammed holding out a sign in front of him saying, “Mohammed calls for PEACE”, what would they say ?

    Would they protest against THAT cartoon ? A cartoon that calls for peace ? What would be their response ? That Mohammed isn’t for peace ?

    And for that matter, why aren’t muslims in this country coming out to discuss this matter in the press ? If they’re offended by those depictions, they’re being awfully restrained in their response. And if they are offended, what does the fact that they aren’t speaking out en masse, mean to us. I don’t see our media going out and seeking their opinions on the matter. After all, this is the person that personifies the tradition of their faith. I would think they’d have an opinion, and wanted to express it. I just find it rather odd that said opinion hasn’t been put forward and discussed openly.


  27. Dowanna stink up Dave’s living room, and I actually prefer posting my comments on my own site, so my comments here:


  28. The Constitution isn’t under attack, it’s dead and buried, and both left-wing and right-wing authoritarians are responsible. For instance:

    – Federal income tax
    – FDA, FCC, DEA, ATF …
    – Ridiculous Copyright extensions
    – Governmental ‘affirmative action’
    – Military Draft
    – Social Security


  29. Muslim reaction to the cartoons proves what the cartoons are trying to depict. Nothing better demonstrate the violence inherent in this religion and many others — remember the Crusades? — as well.


  30. Posted by Sukhi on February 9, 2006 at 3:51 am

    Dave, the images are still up at:


  31. This whole charade only proves that Islam, and it’s adherents, are humourless curmudgeons. Funny how the free speech advocates who protested in London got arrested though…


  32. thanks for the correction ;), normally I do write better english and sometimes I can even manage to write down all the words I assign to my sentences – I always experiment this, even in my native language whenever I feel a major step forward is approaching in my language aquisiction (that is finnish).

    Back to your question, yes I do know about all the crap about wikipedia and do compare their information. And the same goes to papers and news articles, always keeping an open eye.


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