Scripting News for 2/12/2006

NY Times: “A total of 26.9 inches fell in Central Park, the most since record-keeping began in 1869.” 

LM Orchard: “The mental weight I’ve placed upon blogging via a web form or even via ecto (which is quite a fine program) is such that so many thoughts just evaporate before I bother formally composing them and posting them.” 

Jeff Jarvis is having fun with the idea of me advertising. 🙂 

It seems Amyloo couldn’t resist. 🙂 🙂 🙂 

Snow pictures from NYC taken by my dad.  

Rafat Ali, in NY, catches a NYer falling in the snow! 

Matt Terenzio has a snow movie from Stamford, CT. 

Jim Moore has a snow movie from the Boston area. 

Cambridge snow pictures from Betsy Devine. 

Jay Bryant’s snow pictures from Grovers Mill, NJ. 

Snow pictures from NYC. 

I love the way the Meet the Press podcast is available on their website every Sunday just as the church services are coming on Boston’s WBUR, which I listen to over the Internet in the mornings, almost every day (the reception is much better than the local NPR station, KQED, which doesn’t have a webcast as far as I know). So when they start talking about Christ and all that, I tune into my religion, which is the politics in DC.  

Gmail is horribly slow again. Just waited 30 seconds for my mailbox main page to refresh. Hard to believe they’re actually trying to find more users while the performance is so bad.  

Steven Cohen, a librarian, is building an outline of Web 2.0 Company weblogs, in OPML of course, using the OPML Editor. He’s become a contributor on the OPML-Newbies mail list, which he has found to be a satisfactory experience.  

17 responses to this post.

  1. Dave,

    I am wondering whether it could be because you have the view to show googletalk.

    At the bottom there is a row called gmail view: standard view with chat, standard without chat, basic html.

    i think by default it shows standard with chat. Perhaps try changing it to standard without chat if you are not using googletalk.


  2. That’s not snow. Show me the pictures later today after they get 12 to 18 inches. THAT’s snow!

    It’s just started here in the Berkshires. says that Boston and Rhode Island will get the most.


  3. Welyen, I did as you said, turned off Chat and it got much faster. Not as fast as it used to be, but acceptable. Let’s see if it lasts.


  4. Hi Dave,

    I’ve posted some snow photos from Grovers Mill, NJ (yes..the aliens landed just down the street from my house) on my web site at

    We’ve got about 14 inches of snow on the ground and it is still coming down. Enjoy sunny CA, I’m going to be digging out the rest of the day.

    And thanks for turning the comments on again.



  5. It didn’t last, Gmail is as slow as ever, without Chat.


  6. Dave–Thanks for the pointer to my photos


  7. Jay, those are lovely photos. The snow is coming down with such intensity, here on Long Island, that my photos just look like a grey blur.


  8. Posted by Woody on February 12, 2006 at 9:48 am

    >> Gmail is horribly slow again.

    It’s probaby your Mac, not Gmail. One of the many reasons why I am selling my Mac. It was so much slower browsing the web than my PC.


  9. Woody, I’m certainly willing to consider it, but I don’t think that’s what’s going on. Why would it all of a sudden get so slow at Gmail and not slow at anything else?


  10. Here is some snow video from Stamford, CT.
    My dog loves the snow, but it was too deep. He said, “let me back in.”


  11. Hi Dave,

    I have a mac too, and it pretty swift on it. I am from New Zealand and i have no qualms about it.

    I would be interested if itt happens on both your ibook and you mac desktop. I am guessing your Mac ibook is on wifi?


  12. Posted by Bill on February 12, 2006 at 11:44 am

    Also having gmail problems. It takes forever to initially load.


  13. Well, I am on a Powerbook, using my WIFI, and Gmail comes up quickly.
    On my PC, it’s the same thing.
    I find that Gmail is slow from time to time, but I have never been able to make a correlation between anything I am doing, anything going on, and the speed of the connection/loading.
    Watching French TV on the PC. Viewing scenes of British soldiers beating savagely young Iraqi boys who were were demonstrating. WTF?


  14. Here’s some more snow photos. Now, I’m going out to shovel. Oy!

    Not out of focus-that

    And the RSS feed for my photos:


  15. > Jeff Jarvis is having fun with the idea of me advertising

    I needed to have my share of the fun with this idea, too. Here is a start on the audio for a commercial. If you want to riff on it please be my guest.


  16. Posted by Nina on February 21, 2006 at 5:13 pm

    Dave, carry on with Meet the Press and WBUR if you like, but KQED does have streaming audio at, and most of our local programs are podcast now at (I actually found your blog through some completely unrelated search but couldn’t resist letting you know this!)


  17. Nina, I’ve tried the streaming audio at KQED, but when I first tried it the quality was very bad, and then it was replaced with an audio message saying that the service had been discontinued. I’d be happy to try it again, but if the quality isn’t competitive, I’ll stick with what works.

    I like Meet the Press, but isn’t a reflection on NPR, it just means that I like Meet the Press. I don’t see why that should be a problem.


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