Scripting News for 2/18/2006

An important update for OPML Editor users. 

William Safire on blogger jargon. 

In a few short weeks Guy Kawasaki has turned from a blog skeptic to a blog evangelist. He’s what I call a Natural Born Blogger. He knew how to blog before he knew he knew. πŸ™‚ 

They’re playing some excellent music on Saturday night on WAMU. This is my favorite NPR station so far. Lovin it. 

Jason Calacanis describes a harrowing attempted landing at Telluride, CO. I’ve flown into that airport, and I agree, it’s better to fly into Durango and drive a few hours.  

A behind the scenes look at Tony Kahn doing a podcast at WGBH-Boston. They call Tony one of the “twelve pioneers of podcasting,” which is certainly true. Tony was the first NPR podcaster, and NPR has turned out to be a fantastic supporter of the medium.  

Pictures from last night’s TechCrunch party.  

Dan Farber snapped a silhouette of Kevin Werbach and myself talking at last night’s party. 

Steve Gillmor has developed a new kind of spray. 

Rafe Needleman: “This could work out nicely.” 

Seven years ago, my news editing control panel which was the beginning of browser-based weblog editing (before they were called weblogs, of course). This led to, later that year, Edit This Page, and later yet, Blogger and Manila.  

Essay: Blogging is a part of life

ZDNet: “Apple Computer appears to have invoked the DMCA to stop the dissemination of methods allowing Mac OS X to run on chips from Intel and Advanced Micro Devices.” 

Jeff Jarvis: “Blogs have already become prisoners of their format.” 

0xDECAFBAD: “Reviving AIM and Jabber services in the OPML Editor would sure be swell.” Agree. 

Friday night’s party was great, huge, exhausting. Saw a huge number of old familiar faces, and met a bunch of new people. Lots of cameras, podcasters, and babes! Saw some creative clothing, and snarky snarks. Lots of sights to see. Had to leave early cause I was getting crushed in the crush. If I missed you so sorry, and Mike thanks. The tent was great too. Highlight of the evening — 3 generations of Scobles. 

Bonus photo: Proof that Scoble has absolutely no pride. πŸ™‚ 


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  1. Posted by Marcelo Lopez on February 18, 2006 at 10:44 am

    As reported here:

    As DUG here:

    and yahoo’d here:*

    I’m sure there are plenty of other places. But, the writing is on the wall, methinks. Apple now has two things to contend with:

    1. Snarfs, backhacks, and ‘ploits are going to start becoming the focus of every scriptkiddie out there, who knows a thing or three about ‘nix, just to “stick it to the jobs”.

    2. If ANYTHING, invoking DMCA now clearly places a Targ`et style bullseye square on them to be circumvent central-ized. Now with earnest, those who wish/ed for OS X on x86 will work more firmly in earnest to make it happen. Who knows, maybe those folks could actually produce a more robust and secure system ; maybe not. Just the same, Rather than embracing the possible support they could garner from these free-will coders, they’re being DMCA’d. I think it’s pretty ridiculous. Apple has little to gain, and OH-SO MUCH to lose in this venture of protectionism.

    Now I may actually donate $$ to this effort, if only to show Michael Dell how much he’s missing the boat by not licensing OS X.

    Oh, one more thing. Not to sound all “Conspiracy theory” on you, but when these “trojan-cum-malware’s” were made public this week, I didn’t see anyone mention WHERE they had come into possession of these things. Quite frankly, I wouldn’t put it past anyone from the “other OS camp” to toss something like that out. I mean, what, Vista’s only about 9-10 months away( or so they say) ?


  2. Crunching Naked

    Once again, Mike Arrington’s generosity led to a splendid party. Techcrunch and these parties have become the signature for Web2.0 events.

    The Naked Conversations TechCrunch Party is now officially over
    — Mike Arrington at 2:01 a.m.

    I left we…


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