Under the Radar Notes

Daily Princetonian: “The trip to the bathroom was actually a break from thesis research, and it occurred just a few minutes after I learned from my reading that credit for the first “blog” is given to someone named Dave Winer, who created his revolutionary web log way back in 1996. Useless as this fact may be, it had me thinking about blogs as I journeyed to the commode.”

We’re hearing a pitch from a company named Dabble DB, a name that looks pretty innocuous on the page, but just try saying it out loud quickly without breaking out in laughter.

I can’t use my aggregator either, it runs on port 5335 on one of my servers. So basically I can only read the way I did in 1996, hunting and pecking looking for sites that changed. I guess it’s good for me. 😦

Apparently Gmail turned me back on. Whew.

My dad says the CIO Insight picture doesn’t actually look like me, but says it’s a nice picture. “It conveys a feeling of affection for you.”

9:05AM: I’m at the Under the Radar conference in Mountain View on the Microsoft campus. They have wifi, but unfortunately all the ports but 80 and 110 (web and mail, respectively) are blocked, which means I can’t update Scripting News, since my CMS operates over one of the blocked ports.

One response to this post.

  1. The place I am working in right now shut down all ports except 80 and the IM ports last year. It killed a huge amount of software I used to use but it has sent me running into the arms of webapps. I’m now starting to be of the opinion that all webapps should work solely through 80.

    You seem to be using other ports on the OPML editor for example, because I always get errors when I launch it in here.


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