Scripting News for 3/5/2006

OPML Editor: Changes to prefs in Community menu

BBC has the Oscars. Crash was best picture. Brokeback Mountain won the director’s award. Reese Witherspoon won best actress for Walk The Line (she was awesome) and Philip Seymour Hoffman for Capote (ditto). I don’t think Crash was the best picture, I would have gone for Syriana. George Clooney won supporting actor for that, and Rachel Weisz won supporting actress for Constant Gardener. 

I had lunch today with Aaron Levie of Box.Net. He was one of the presenters at the conference on Thursday. One of the things we talked about is their storage API. Let’s look at how it might be used to connect users of the OPML Editor.  

The award for highest snark-to-information ratio goes to Nicholas Carr, who constantly sets the bar for would-be snarkmasters. These days you could rename Memeorandum to Snarksforall, with one blogger trying to top another for the most vacuous post. The latest controversy is whether Scoble knows his ass from his elbow. Let me know when this is settled. 

Isn’t it odd that the post above made it onto the ladder at Memeorandum? It’s Sunday, so nothing is happening and a snark back at some snark, what we used to call “watching them watch us watching them” before all the newbies arrived (and arrived and arrived and on and on), is all that’s going on in the tech blogosphere. That could be good. I did post a comment to Nick Carr’s award-winning post explaining that of course Jeff Jarvis does get it, despite the snark, and I hope that isn’t over-looked in all the good-natured Sunday morning poking.  

DropDMG is the “easiest way to create Mac OS X disk images.” 

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  1. Robert Anderson posted a hilarious idea wrt the snarking that’s going on: HyperText Snarkup Language. It’s at


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