Scripting News for 3/9/2006

Amyloo on the organization of the OPML Editor user community. She’s sorting things out. šŸ™‚ 

Essay: A rambler on flaming in the blogosphere

Nick Carr mis-states my point of view in his piece today about the value of meme-trackers, but I don’t disagree with his basic premise. That’s one of the reasons I’m looking forward to hearing Markoff talk about elitism in the blogosphere on the 19th. Too often critics of amateur media think we all buy into all that everyone with a blog says. Of course that’s a fallacy since many of the blog critics use blogs to be criticial of blogs. Hey even I’ve noted that the blogosphere can be a more rabid pack of hunting hyenas than the pros are — it happens — all too frequently. People are people. The new media has potential to make things better, a potential that hasn’t been realized yet.  

Forbes Magazine list of billionaires. Bill Gates is #1 with $50 billion. 

Today is the last day in Knight-Ridder’s auction, which will determine the selling price for the second largest chain of newspapers in the US. 

Google acquired Writely, a browser-based word processor. 

Scott Karp: “If search only represents 5% of online media time, it shouldn’t have 40% of the dollars.” 

Kevin Burton at TailRank has already implemented the meme-search function I was asking about on Tuesday.  

Last night’s talk was good, off the top of my head, two things were memorable. The guy who designed OpenSearch at A9 was there, a product that at first I didn’t get (and said so) and then got and liked (and also said so). Everyone likes to talk about the calls they got right, but unless you make mistakes, you never took a risk, so I prefer to make them, and then correct them, and I think this is a good practice. The second thing is the name of a company that a guy told me about after the talk. MediaMelon. Now that’s a good name, and I don’t know why. I guess I felt like eating some melon when I heard the name. Melon is juicy and sweet, but not too sweet. It’s healthy and fresh, not something you eat every day. I suggested that as his company grew there would be people who would urge him to change the name, but I said he shouldn’t. It’s a fun name. Melons are cool. You don’t hear about companies named after melons every day. šŸ™‚ 

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  1. I’ve always said that you cannot really read until you write … you cannot grock a media until you try to experss yourself in that media … you don’t know radio, until you podcast, you don’t know TV, until you vlog. Cartooning is the same. Every time technology advances to the point where it is easier to do something, where it takes less skill, less dues to pay, well then each of us can try it out, can search for our voice in that media. We can become more keenly aware of what is going down in that space. More here …


  2. Sweet! I love Writely. Now let’s wait for the ads šŸ™‚


  3. Dave, you put the “Really Simple” in my tech life. And you are not just there for RSS. I use .ashx files in ASP.NET 2.0 because (like you) I think SOAP is too complicated for many “internal” cross-process communication. I’m not quite going for XML-RPC over primal REST just yet, but I want you to know that because of you I’m in the neighborhood!


    * Share more details about the SOAP debacle with Microsoft in your next podcast.

    * Get someone to do a screencast about your OPML Editor. I tried it but I still don’t get it.


  4. Posted by Amyloo on March 9, 2006 at 4:35 pm

    I like the new WordPress blog theme.


  5. I don’t know if Seth (above) intended this or if it was a sort of Fruedian typo, but I think it’s funny that he wrote “expeRSS”.

    Ditto Amy’s observation. Very nice.


  6. Actually, cori, it was Fruedian, and apparently is a common transposition.


  7. That article in Forbes magazine about the Billionaires is quite a good read.


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