Scripting News for 3/10/2006

River of Meme-O-Randum: “I just had one of those AHA moments, when something clicked into place, and the only question is how to share the idea, because this is one that’s just begging to be shared.” 

One year ago today it was 1000 days since I quit smoking.  

Steve Gillmor: “Oh really? No, O’Reilly.” Snark! 

Okay I have the disk-image-maker working, and I’ve built a DMG for the OPML Editor. Admittedly, this is probably not the final look for the 1.0 package. 🙂 

Google is “pleased to announce an alpha release of RSS feeds on Google Video.” They announced it on a Yahoo mail list, where a Yahoo extension to RSS is discussed. How’s that for cooperation. (No sarcasm.) It’s even better because this is exactly where Apple could have worked with others in the industry, instead of blazing their own trail. One of the guidelines in my Busy Developers Guide: “Avoid using elements in namespaces when there are already core elements that do the same thing.” I’ve added a #6 to the list. “Use namespaces that are already in use by others before inventing new ones.” This is what Google is doing that Apple didn’t do. 

Jackie Mason and Raoul Felder: “Could you picture a Jew deciding that he has the right to kill but you have no right to draw an insulting picture?” 

At the 106 Miles talk on Wednesday night, I was asked to suggest some ideas for new tech businesses, so I went through the list that I had recommended to Yahoo. One idea I should have mentioned but didn’t, is probably the most valuable and least glamorous. A web-based accounting app for families. Such a simple idea and so totally needed by many millions of people. Quicken is getting old, and it’s hard to set up and it isn’t accessible over the web. When that’s done, do one for small business. Along the way either get acquired by or acquire a bank to make it even easier for your users.  

Narrative: Tech support with MindVision Software

Let’s have a Scripting News dinner at La Costa on Sunday night to celebrate the return of the Sopranos, among other things. 

Jeff Jarvis on BloggerCon. “I’ve wished for every conference since to make its mission bringing out the wisdom of the room rather than treating the room as a mere crowd.” 

4 responses to this post.

  1. I’m thinking that OPML can help filter noise and flaming in the blogosphere if we use reading lists to create metacommunities, or filters as well as sources.


  2. Great idea on the web-based accounting idea for small businesses, and I fully agree with your assessment of Intuit/Quicken – getting old, bad (if any) customer service, not online, etc.

    So… I thought I might shamelessly point out our company, SageFire. In fact, SageFire has set out to do just that, simple online accounting for very small businesses.

    Take a look and play with the demo. Email me if you want a free trial for as long as you need – we also just integrated with eBay… we will be at the eBay Live show in June.

    I would love your feedback.


  3. Posted by Marcelo Lopez on March 10, 2006 at 2:26 pm

    Oy Vey is right, Dave. Leave it to the irrespressible Jackie Mason to put the spin of poignanct humor on an otherwise ridiculous notion of “You draw me wrong, I shoot you dead”. What ? Depending on the audience I shouldn’t put the letters ‘G’ and ‘D’ even NEAR each other if there’s an ‘O’ in the room . But then again, I can’t remember the last time I got smacked around for that either.


  4. About the DMG for the OPML Editor: you should also be able to add an alias to the Applications folder in your DMG window, this makes drag’n’dropping even easier since you don’t have to open a second window or the toolbar. I’ve seen this used recently (for example on the latest BBEdit distributions) and I find it nice and quick.


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