Scripting News for 3/18/2006

Reminder: CyberSalon, tomorrow, in Berkeley.  

Chris Pirillo: “Just as a Web browser interprets HTML, there will be a new range of products — both Web-based and on your desktop — that will support and parse this strange new OPML thingy for you.” 

0xDECAFBAD: “Why don’t we have a Xanadu web run on Lisp serving up perfect, crystalline RDF?” 

Dowbrigade reports on a new Internet scam that involves cashing counterfeit checks. 

David Gewirtz: “Spam is certainly a problem, and email whitelists are certainly appealing. But while you might be perfectly happy telling your email client that your mom’s on your whitelist, you’re likely to be far less happy about having your ISP decide that Verizon or Caesar’s Palace is trustworthy, but, because she didn’t pay protection money, your mom isn’t.” 

Movie: Train pulling into BART station

Last year on this day: Surfers in a roiling Atlantic

Three years ago: “I’ve arrived in Cambridge. Rarin to go!” 

The Web Innovators Group of Boston will meet on Monday at the Hotel at MIT. 

Eirepreneur defines a “feed grazer” as an “OPML browser and an RSS reader in one.” Just FYI, the directory browser that’s built into the OPML Community Server has this feature. 

The next header graphic. I can’t wait to use this pic cribbed from a picture of the beach in Florida, but I have to let the railroad crossing run for a few more days. 

Tom Morris: “I’m surprised that nobody has done anything Web 2.0-ish with the humble discussion forum.” 

TechCrunch will have an awards party, mid-year, too big for Mike’s house. Amen to that. How about Candlestick? Okay, seriously, there’s a new Four Seasons in Palo Alto. Spicy Noodles for 10,000. 🙂 

Ben Barren may win the award for best list of possible (funny) TechCrunch awards.  

I am an animated inventor


5 responses to this post.

  1. Was the Bart arrival an homage to the pioneering film from the Lumiere Bros. Arrival of a Train at La Ciotat(1895)?


  2. Thanks for the link, Dave.


  3. Man, you’re fast: I just posted that Xanadu quip a little while ago. And… is that a burrito I see?

    I’m wondering if I need to register as a companion to


  4. As I posted:

    I thought that was a wrap, signifying the end of scripting news. I suppose it could be a burrito. HaHaHaa


  5. It is a burrito, but now that you mention it, when I finish Scripting News, I may well put up a “wrap” — that would be quite fitting.

    Or maybe I’ll just reprise the Scripting News for 12/31/99.


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