Scripting News for 3/26/2006

The nine-year aniversary of Scripting News is coming up, a week from yesterday. It started on April Fools Day in 1997. 

Rex Hammock on recovery efforts in Pass Christian, MS. 

I visited the area in December and took pictures

Mini-Microsoft on last week’s bad news and Microsoft’s reliance on Scoble to communicate with bloggers, among other topics. 

It seems from reading Karl Martino and Jeff Jarvis, that yesterday’s unconference in Philadelphia was a success.  

Fighting a cold this week, it kept coming and going until I started taking massive doses of Vitamin C. Knocked the cold down and brought on a nice feeling of health. 

Don Park has been digging into World of Warcraft. Gamers are reaching new heights of collaboration. Once in my career, I led a team that worked together the way Don describes, where each member was “in full contact all the time and each of them are fully aware of what others are doing at all times.” The key enabler was instant outlining, and (even more important) a commitment from every participant to work together. As Don says, it’s “powerful and exhilarating. Perhaps, even scary.” Fear is frozen fun. 

Thanks for four years of great blogging, Paolo. I know some people are going to give you shit for that post, but it always felt to me that your blog was written just for me. 🙂 

When talking about an unconference, I find it’s helpful to consciously stop myself from using the term “attendee,” replacing it with “participant.”  

Love the way this Memeorandum bit came out with the reduced Second Life snippet in the margin.  

Over on Megite they associated the picture of Bob Hope hitting the road with the OS bit. 

Last night’s movie was Confederate States of America. I didn’t really like it that much, most of the jokes were spoiled by an NPR segment I heard a couple of weeks ago. Went with Sylvia, she really liked it, so don’t go by what I say.  

CSA begins with a quote from George Bernard Shaw. “If you are going to tell people the truth, you’d better make them laugh. Otherwise they’ll kill you.” 🙂 

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