Scripting News for 3/27/2006

Today’s a travel day — expect light posting. 

11PM Eastern: Arrived safely in NY. Easy flight. 🙂 

Checking in from Terminal 3 at SFO. Excellent TMobile wifi. 

TechCrunch report on Evoca, a new podcasting web app that appears to have it all, and can record Skype calls.  

Jeremy Zawodny asks for ideas for evolving Yahoo Groups.  

Jared Russell says “no way” to the idea of Second Life as a new operating system. He’s right, I have no idea what lies beneath the Second Life user interface, my main point was that the next platform is likely to look entirely different from the Mac/Windows user interface, and to think creatively about what comes next.  

Scoble says Second Life is an OS. He makes a convincing case. But will Microsoft port Windows to run inside it? That’s not actually a joke.  

Hotel Chatter: Best Wifi Hotels for 2006

Here’s a cheat sheet we came up with for BloggerCon III that explains how unconferences work. “We don’t have speakers, panels or an audience. We do have discussions and sessions, and each session has a discussion leader.” 

I’d like to do an unconference for people who do conferences. The topic? How to improve conferences, to make them more valuable to the people who participate, to actually enable problem solving, moving the discussion from the hallways into the conference room.  

A discussion about unconferences may be developing at Matthew Ingram’s blog. 

One year ago, an interesting discussion about Feedburner. Not sure if the issues were resolved.  

Richard MacManus and Phillip Pearson started blogging around the same time, four years ago, as did Paolo Valdemarin.  

7 responses to this post.

  1. unrelated but maybe somerelated.

    Kprn Barger writes : ” When your rss-feed needs an rss-feed”

    Good, thought provoking reading.


  2. Oy! Jorn, ofcourse.


  3. I’ve read that guide to unconferences many times over the past year+ and I still don’t know how to put on an unconference. I get the philosophy but I’m lacking the mechanics.

    Do people sit in rows? In a circle? Do they all stand? Does the discussion leader stand in front and face the others, or sit among them?


  4. Dan, I don’t think the room matters, or how people sit, or if they’re standing.

    We’ve generally put the DL in front of the room facing the people, but I can imagine other ways of doing it.

    Basically I don’t think the layout is hugely important.


  5. Perhaps the people should lie on their backs in a room with the lights dimmed, while the DL paces slowly among them. I think it would make for a very tranquil discussion. Maybe play the sounds of a bubbling brook very softly from the perimeter.

    Now that you’ve freed me from the concerns of layout, I’m having IDEAS.


  6. Posted by Amy on March 28, 2006 at 8:45 pm

    Dan, you’re making me think of 1) yoga class, or 2) nursery school nap time. Either might be better jumping-off points for improving the conference experience than traditional conferences.

    Meanwhile, I’m trying to picture my vertical even coming close to considering unconferences within the next 20 years and I’m having a hard time. Maybe sessions within the big annual general meetings, but not the whole thing.


  7. Yoga class was my jumping off point. Come to think of it, people were always falling asleep during it…

    Seems win-win to me: worst case scenario the participants who aren’t engaged by the discussion fall asleep and have a nice nap.


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