Scripting News for 3/30/2006

Some people have speculated that I’m going to stop blogging on Saturday, which is the 9th anniversary of Scripting News (also Apple’s 30th). I don’t plan to, although Murphy’s Law says anything that can go wrong will go wrong. My plan is to stop as soon as the end of this year, maybe earlier. I want to get some things done first. And in the meantime, I’ve been getting some intriguing offers now that people know there’s an end to this weblog. I like that very much. Marc Canter wishes the software industry would clone the ideas that were in Radio 8, which shipped over four years ago, and speaks as if I had already retired. Not true. And the codebase of Radio 8 is largely GPL now (we could probably GPL the rest of it, need-be). I want to build a developer community around it. Marc, how about we work together, instead of giving up, let’s show em how it’s done! There’s still time, Murphy-willing. 

Steve Gillmor is thankful for many things. 

BrainJams New Orleans: “On May 4th we are going to bring the best of Web 2.0 to the New Orleans small business community in what could be one of the biggest Unconferences of the year.” 

Somehow I think he knew I’d link to this cartoon. 🙂 

Paul Boutin tries to figure out what Web 2.0 means, and comes to the conclusion it’s just the Internet.  

Apparently BART crashed last night. (Not a train crash, a software crash.) 

They say all the good domains are taken, but in my experience none of them are.  

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