Scripting News for 4/2/2006

Iced Coffee & Bagel notes that rents in New Orleans are dropping, but are still twice what they were before Katrina. 

On this day in 1998: Simple Cross-Network Scripting

In 1997: Fat Web pages

I listened to the Keith and the Girl podcast about the Podshow artist agreement. Assuming the report is accurate, it’s a pretty one-sided deal. You give them everything and they give you $40 a month, if your podcast is much more popular than most, otherwise you get $0.  

Andrew Grumet: “When someone says something negative about another person, the communication has two parts.” 

One response to this post.

  1. That’s pretty disgusting. I couldn’t believe it when I read the summary. I reminded be of the early pop record deals from the mid-20tth-Century where recording artistis got completely ripped off by the record companies, when they practically took the artists’ souls, and capitalized on their business ignorance. These people all need to have a conversation with John Fogerty and take their guitars to court with them.


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