Scripting News for 4/4/2006

Today is the 8th birthday of XML-RPC. “It turns the Internet into a scripting environment.” 

Ben Edelman, who I worked with at Berkman, is studying click-fraud. 

Les Orchard is getting ready to work with Amazon S3. As Les knows I think it’s a pretty incredible opening too. 

Amyloo concurs about Donna and Josh in Sunday’s West Wing. Warning, if you haven’t seen it yet, don’t read her post, it gives away part of the plot (albeit a lame one).  

A podcast with Scott Johnson, formerly of Feedster, fills us in on his new venture, Ookles. “Photography takes on a whole different dimension when it’s of your kids.” Hmmm. 

Betsy Devine describes Ookles as “as tool for families who are currently going crazy figuring out how to keep track of and share all the gorgeous digital photos that could help them not lose the memories of the children, trips, parties, etc.” 

John Hobbs, via email, points out that the new home page of the NY Times looks a lot like the image map version from 1997. “The visual similarity is quite striking,” he writes. 

Ponzi: “Thank goodness for all the wonderful men.” 

Josh Marshall: “DeLay’s lawyers must have sat him down over the last 72 hours and explained to him that he needs to focus on not spending most of the rest of his life in prison.” 

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