Scripting News for 4/5/2006

I was driving back to my parent’s house in NY last week and happened to turn on the radio and caught the tail end of Chris Lydon’s nightly show which is carried by WNYC. When it snuck up on me like that, I was really impressed with how unusually good Chris is. He and I used to have long intense and interesting conversations driving to campaign events in New Hampshire and at dinners in Cambridge in 2003 and 2004. I used to think how strange it was to have a private conversation with NPR. It was only until I heard the Open Source program when I wasn’t expecting it that I realized how unusually good he is. So many of today’s NPR radio shows are patterened after his work, Chris is the original.  

I’ll be back in NYC next week, the 13th through the 18th, for Passover and family stuff.  

Not sure what to make of Apple’s new beta Boot Camp tool that lets you install Windows on the Intel Macs. I’ve read most of the commentary on it, and I don’t see too many other people really excited about it. If they let you run Windows apps alongside Mac apps, I could see buying a Mac laptop to run Windows software, otherwise you can get a better deal from Dell, IBM or Sony. I don’t like the Apple hype about this, where they sell against malware aimed at Windows users. Someday they’re going to be fighting that battle too, and it’s really poor taste to market to victims users that way. But I’ve never really liked Apple’s arrogance, even though I use Macs, today. 

The trailer for the upcoming film United 93 has become a controversy and has been pulled a theater in New York. 

Wired: Podcasting Roils NPR Fund Raising

Seems like NPR is learning the fundamental law of Making Money on the Internet. “The more you send them away the more they come back.” For our part, if you listen to NPR podcasts, send them money, and make sure they know you’re sending it to them because they’re giving you the shows you want in the form you want them.  

Scott Rosenberg patiently gives some shit to NY Times editor Bill Keller for not reading blogs, but he understands why he doesn’t. As I said in December, Scott is “one smart mofo.” 

Markoff: “Mr Ozzie’s statement was remarkable for a chief technical officer whose company has just spent years and hundreds of millions of dollars investing in a proprietary alternative referred to as .Net.” 

Two years ago today: “Before movies, records, radio and television, every town had a best singer.” 

Five years ago: “I don’t want to invalidate anyone’s feeling of disempowerment, but there’s a router error if you think I’m the Dept of Complaints for the NYC subway system.” 


5 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Bill on April 5, 2006 at 5:31 am

    .Net is an alternative to RSS?


  2. Posted by Allan Smith on April 5, 2006 at 8:32 am

    There’s been an ongoing contest to be the first to get this going, with a prize, recently won, of $13,000.


  3. Dave “Boot Camp” is going to be great for multi-platform developers like my self. There are some apps like ERP apps that I can not use or develop on using a Mac.

    However for the everday task and Web Development which is 90% of what I do the Mac works great.



  4. BootCamp is interesting to those who’d like to get a new computer to run MacOS, but also want or need windows for things (particularly games). And also to those who like apple hardware (like the Mini), but want to run windows on it.

    I don’t think Apple is hyping it at all (it’s not anywhere on their front page), but it’s getting a lot of commentary because its the sort of thing that interests geeks (see Allan’s comment about the bounty that was paid for the first independant). It’s also the sort of thing that makes people engage in all sorts of ill-founded speculation. And then, of course, there is the fact that everything Apple does gets its own little hype multiplier, even when they try to downplay it.

    Personally, I’d like to bring a Mac into my household, and at the same time, I’d like a laptop. My ideal would be a laptop that could run either MacOS or Windows. And now, it seems, I have that option.

    I see this as a suprisingly pragmatic move by Apple. They realized that a number of their customers are interested in having the option of running windows, so they’ve given it to them.


  5. OT: I love the new header graphic. Very moody.


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