Scripting News for 4/6/2006

Hugh MacLeod on why everyone reads Micropersuasion

Steve Gillmor is always giving us new ways of looking at things. For example, there are two Offices. One is called Office Live; then the other must be… 🙂 

John Furrier: “Around 15-20 million people are accessing podcasts on iTunes.” 

Niall Kennedy: “My parents visit a blog to find the latest news from my brother’s base in Iraq, but they have no clue they are reading what some people call a blog.” 

I had lunch today with Marc Canter, we talked about a lot of things. I admire Marc’s passion and intelligence and good vibe, and I even like his anger. He and I both got screwed hard by Apple, but I use Macs and had an iPod in my pocket at lunch today. Marc won’t spend a dime on their products. I’m probably one of the few people in the industry who support his stubborn insistence that his dollars matter. I gave up that battle a few years ago, when my readers gave me an iPod as a get-well present. What the fuck. You think Steve Jobs notices the money I give him? Would he miss it if I didn’t spend it? No of course not, to both questions.  

I started working with Amazon S3 today.  

David Bianculli got an early look at next Sunday’s West Wing, and he spoils a bit of it, but it’s probably worthwhile listening to his review. Sounds like a kickass episode, and maybe I was hasty in my judgement of how they used Leo’s death in the show plot. 

Rex Hammock: “Sharing audio is something we do all day long via the phone and I don’t have an opening theme-song before each phone conversation.” Hmm. Wouldn’t it be cool if you could? 

Rene Blodgett: “If you could change genders for one week, what would be the first thing you would do?”  

Amyloo is drying out after a fire in the upstairs apartment. She interviews the cat.  

Tonight’s Lost was most excellent. How many layers of fantasy are we dealing with?  

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