Scripting News for 4/10/2006

New header graphic, a wheat field in Saskatchewan. 

This blog has a great header graphic. Imagine you’re the guest speaker at a dinner. Everyone’s had their meal, the waiters have served coffee. You’re introduced, you arrive at the podium, take out your camera, and shoot the scene

Jeff Jarvis on ABC’s plan to provide TV shows on the Internet, with advertising.  

Chris Pirillo: “My guess is that when IE7 goes gold, more people will be driven to start using Firefox.” 

A man in Malaysia received a phone bill for $218 trillion.  

Four years ago today a remarkable deal between the New York Times and UserLand. A big turning point for RSS.  

John Brockman is giving a talk in Cambridge on 4/12. 

Berkman is hosting a conference about citizen media, May 12-13, also in Cambridge. 

Okay tonight’s West Wing was great. A real tear-jerker and a happy story. I don’t want to spoil the plot for anyone, but now I wish more than ever that the show was continuing. I want to live in their world, not the one I actually live in. I wonder if there isn’t something I could do with my time to make the 2006 mid-term elections more meaningful, you know, the real elections, not the TV show. Nicco, what do you think? 

I’ll be in NYC for Passover. Arriving on the 12th, returning on the 18th.  

Springtime in California 

2 responses to this post.

  1. Happy anniversary Dave, keep inventing the future!


  2. Oh wow the NY Times initiative started 4 years ago? I recently read about something similar here –



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