Scripting News for 4/13/2006

Google Calendar Beta 

On arrival in NYC, I found an email from a friend, instructing me to go to Google Calendar. I did. It worked. Looks nice.

I figured it must have been announced while I was on the plane. I went to Memeorandum to see what’s up, and there’s no mention of it. Huh? I don’t get it.

New Flickr set: Google Calendar Screen Shots.

Mike Arrington wrote a review.


On the flight east I watched a Joan Crawford movie that I hadn’t seen before. Humoresque. Filmed in 1946, when she was 40 years old. It’s a serious movie, and Crawford is unbelievably good. In one scene she’s in a concert hall and her lover, played by John Garfield, is performing, sending her into ecstasy. Two other women are watching her come, one is Garfield’s mother, and the other his young girlfriend. They know what’s going on and so do we, but everyone else is oblivious. The camera gets super-close as Crawford goes over the top. The movie is worth seeing, if only for this sequence.

3 responses to this post.

  1. Calendar.Google.Com, Baby

    Calendar.Google.Com, I would love you if you were available.
    Oh Wait! Add guests hmmm.. sneaky cool

    … but, still no love for Outlook/Exchange: where’s the “Add to Calendar” option?


  2. I did a quick google blogsearch, sorted by date, jumped back until I found this:

    ~12:30pm yesterday he says he hears google calendar is launching “tonight”. Thats my guess for the actual earliest breaking of the story, if you want to count it.


  3. Humoresque, oh man they just don’t make ’em like that any more.

    You forgot to mention Oscar Levant as Garfield’s wisecracking sidekick. Pwning a scene with two of the all time greats Garfield and Crawford in the room? Priceless…

    “Hey, you just spoiled the beginnings of an odious relationship.”


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