Scripting News for 4/15/2006

Ben Barren is organizing a Downunder Uncon, which sounds right on to this northern hemispherian. Let’s go! 

New Flickr set: Mets vs Brewers, Shea Stadium.  

Movie: Mr Met leading the crowd in song

The Mets’s mascot isn’t an animal or a human being… 

It was Jackie Robinson Day. His wife was honored. Robinson played for the Brooklyn Dodgers, he was the first African American major leaguer. He died in 1972 at the age of 53. 

New header graphic. Shea Stadium scoreboard. This is an old-time scoreboard, 1960s technology. They’re going to tear down this old stadium, probably replacing it with something like PacBell Park (which no doubt has been renamed, yet again). The new stadium will lack philosophy. Rather than naming it after a fallen hero, they will name it after a corporate sponsor. It will be a sad day. 

In Y2K, a resume offering 15 years of Java experience, a background in teleportation, and work at Amazon starting in 1989 actually got Niall Kennedy an avalanche of interest from executive recruiters.  

According to Gizmodo, the Infiniti G35 will come with a built-in hard drive to store MP3s. 



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  1. wow! my image is in great company. what a woman.


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