Scripting News for 4/16/2006

I got another blue wedge on Google when searching for a Stephen King movie. Here’s the collapsed view, and here’s the expanded view

Two years ago today: “What happened to people who use typewriters?” 

East River in lower ManhattanFor my last two days in NYC, I checked into the Millenium Hilton in downtown Manhattan. It’s across the street from where the World Trade Center used to be, in fact, the subway stop across the street from the hotel is underneath the WTC site. I have a nice room on one of the top floors, with a great view uptown and to the east. No view of ground zero. Tomorrow I’m meeting with Jeff Jarvis, and Amanda Congdon and Andrew Baron from RocketBoom. It’s going to be a NYC new media day. I fly back to California on Tuesday morning.  

Movie: Gorilla at the Bronx Zoo today

New Flickr set from the Bronx Zoo. 

Vanguard supports RSS.  

Vloggercon, June 10-11, San Francisco. 

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