Scripting News for 4/17/2006

Let’s do BloggerCon IV in San Francisco, the week of June 19. If you have office space we can use in San Francisco’s business district or South of Market, please post a comment, or send an email. I’m thinking about a distributed multi-track conference over two days (Friday and Saturday?), covering a very wide range of interests to bloggers, podcasters, journalists, broadcasters, academics, librarians, programmers, business people, entrepreneurs, investors, retirees and students, and everyone else. An all-inclusive, no invitation required, $0, everyone welcome, free-for-all unconference of idea sharing and whoopee-making! 

I did an interview with Amanda Congdon of Rocketboom today and had lunch with Andrew Baron and Amanda, at the world-famous Katz’s Deli in NYC. Unfortunately the pictures of me with Amanda came out all blurry, but the picture of Andrew and Amanda came out great. They are very nice people, we talked about a lot of interesting stuff, both on and off camera. Left me all talked-out, and that doesn’t happen very often! Big take-away, gotta get BitTorrent support into NewsRiver. 

Five years ago: “Writers who work for others have less integrity to offer than those who do it for love.” 

Matt Mullenweg says the feed validator is “dead to me.” 

The power of Betsy 

NY Times: “Bloggers are fascinated by what they see as eerie parallels between Watergate and a phone-jamming scandal in New Hampshire. It has low-level Republican operatives involved in dirty campaign tricks. It has checks from donors with murky backgrounds. It has telephone calls to the White House. What is unclear is whether it is the work of a few rogue actors, or something larger.”

The blogger responsible for this story is Betsy Devine. She camped out in the New Hampshire courthouse, and kept driving the story until today, when it appeared on the op-ed page of the NY Times. Way to go Betsy!!

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  1. Wow! June ’06 is shaping up nicely. Any way BloggerCon can fit in that slot after June 10th’s video/Amanda goodness at
    Vloggercon and before June 19th when the west coast Rails people leave Portland for the big RailsConf in Chicago?


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