Scripting News for 4/20/2006

The Rocketboom interview is up. Nice job. Thanks! 

BTW, the interview was in Tompkins Square Park

Salon: “If the U.S. attacked Iran, the consequences would be catastrophic.” 

Esther Dyson debates Danny O’Brien on whether email should be free, in SF tonight. Mitch Kapor moderates.  

Mike thought the name of the new AOL service is going to be Head On, but I was actually quoting the rumorer who said they were going straight at MySpace. But then Head On would be a great name for an online service, not for people who’s heads are off, due to drugs, or something worse

Rex Hammock: “AOL’s MySpace killer will kill MySpace the same way AOL Journals killed TypePad and Blogger and WordPress.” 

Blair Fannin: “I found blogging, RSS and podcasting to bring out mental strength and creativity I never knew I had.” 

TV Guide has launched a blogging community

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  1. I learned a lot from your Rocketboom interview. Your thoughts on the future of advertising were particularly provocative. Good to see you in Tompkins Square Park…makes me imagine you at Stuyvesant HS on 15th St or growing up in Village View.


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