Scripting News for 4/21/2006

The Rocketboom interview was a long rambly talk which they picked out the best bits of. It was a great editing job. As you might imagine there’s a lot to Rocketboom that you don’t see on-camera. I got the smallest glimpse into that, at lunch with Amanda and Andrew.  

An example of a bit they picked up is already beginning a discussion in the world of academic journalism. Bob Stepno, who was an early contributor in the Berkman Thursdays group, who is a journalism prof in Knoxville, TN, picks up on the 50 or so words in the RB interview where we talk about making an introductory course in journalism a requirement for college students. I feel strongly about this. Journalism is the new practice for Everyman, it’s what we all will be doing all the time in this new century. As the professional media pulls back, the citizens, you and me, need to fill in and replace every pro with 100 of us, to cover every school board meeting, every planning commission, defense contractor, civic organization. It’s like the Second Amendment for information and ideas. We need a well-informed electorate to make the tough decisions that are in our future.  

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