Scripting News for 4/24/2006

Essay: Next steps for BitTorrent

Hugh MacLeod decided to “build the widget.” 

Japanese earwax cleaner, $90, has a built-in camera, but does it have a feed? 

AP reports that Scott McNealy is stepping down as CEO of Sun Microsystems. Jonathan Schwartz, a blogger, is taking charge at Sun.  

New header graphic, Microsoft visitor badges from the summer of 2004. 

FYI — if you’re sending mail to my old email addresses, dave at scripting dot com and dave at userland dot com, the chances of it actually reaching me are slim to none. The most reliable way to send me email is to use the mailto icon on this page and enter the mail into the browser. It will go to a mail address that is not published, therefore is not spam-filled. The other option is to send mail to dave dot winer at gmail dot com. That’s a pretty unspammed box (fingers crossed, Murphy-willing). But the old addresses are so swamped with spam and the filtering I used is so completely routed around. I just browsed through a few weeks of email there, and found one or two real emails, but mostly it’s hopeless, and I’m sure I’m missing real messages. Sorry if yours is one of the ones I’ve missed.  

Not sure what to make of FeedCache.  

I hate to spoil the fun, but Scripting News is back in the Technorati 100 at position 88. Sorry. Hehe. 🙂 

Proclaim: Amanda Congdon — the new Walter Cronkite

Disclaim: Scripting News does not meet the high standards of 120-day blogger Guy Kawasaki. 

Wacky idea: Social networks in meatspace

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