Scripting News for 4/26/2006

Story: Rather may blog after leaving CBS. “They were in a position to learn the power of the blogosphere in ways that weren’t available to NBC, ABC and CNN.” 

New Flickr set: Dan Rather at UC-Berkeley

Dan Farber’s report on the Rather interview.  

Scratchy video of the Rather interview. 

Andrew Baron’s thoughts on BitTorrent.  

David Wilkinson explains why he blogs.  

Jerry Garcia, Bob Weir and Vince Welnick of the Grateful Dead sing the national anthem at Candelstick Park on 4/12/93.  

New header graphic. A lovely fire hydrant. Sometimes they aren’t inspiring or beautiful. Welcome to the real world.  

On Wikipedia they’re debating whether the excellent Hacking Netflix blog should be linked to from the Netflix page. Hmm. That’s like Jimmy Wales showing up at an unconference with a stack of PowerPoints and asking people to hold their questions till the end.  

BTW, to answer the question of what do you say when introducing yourself to Dan Rather, here’s what I did. I said: “My name is Dave Winer. I’m an early blogger.” Then Steve Gillmor, standing next to me, explained that I actually did more than that. It’s a perfect way to avoid the awkward moment where you have to appear to be boasting. Let a friend do it for you. 🙂 

Chris Pirillo animates United’s flight safety instructions.  

Salon reviews United 93, a movie about the doomed 9-11 flight that crashed in a field in Pennsyvania. 

One response to this post.

  1. Pirillo’s face sure is, like you said, animated. It had me giggling, especially when he broke up, like you do when a live performer can’t keep it together. Carol Burnett and Johnny Carson come to mind.

    I misheard one part of the spiel at first, thinking the flight attendent was encouraging passengers not to fear death and go into the light. I heard, “Illuminated path lights will guide you to your exit” as “Illuminated past lifes will guide you to your exit.”


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