Scripting News for 4/27/2006

Rolling Stone: The rise of the video blog

Business 2.0: Video blogs, ready for prime time

Hmmm: “I could write more from the third person and polish the posts more but you know what? I like them raw, visceral and in the first person.” Amen. 

Disclaimer: I’ve received a free cell phone from Sprint, under what they call The Ambassadors Program. Sounds like something out of Lost. But it’s pretty cool. You can get music, television, and Internet access over the phone, of course it has a camera, and best of all, it does EVDO, and it works. I was able to get online today from Jing Jing, which doesn’t have wifi. So that’s the end of Dave having to hunt for wifi in airports and paying extra for it in hotels, or having to hunt for a Starbucks. I’ll be able to work in parks, if I want to. I have no idea how freeing EVDO will be, but I suspect it will be very. And you’ll probably find me writing about my Sprint phone here from time to time, and no doubt this is why they’re giving them to bloggers like me. But that’s a win-win, and I’m happy to partake. 🙂 

New Flickr set: Edwards in Palo Alto

I’m participating in a discussion in Palo Alto today with a bunch of people from the web communityin the Bay Area and Senator John Edwards. The terms of the discussion are that we’re allowed to acknowledge that we’re at this meeting, but we’re not allowed to talk about what’s discussed here.  

Movie: danah boyd at Jing Jing, explaining

Tara Hunt sends word that there are multiple groups on Flickr devoted to fire hydrants. Her favorite is the Birdsill Holly Association. 

Parking meters & fire hydrants 

Yesterday I had a choice between a parking meter and a fire hydrant as my new header graphic. As you may know I have a thing about parking meters.

On my last trip to NYC a fire hydrant caught my eye, I snapped a pic, and it won my heart. Someday that’s going to be on top of my world, I thought to myself, and yesterday it happened.

Then this morning Mike McGrath, whose Flickr feed I am subscribed to (great feature), posted a pic of a very fancy fire hydrant in Belmont. I prefer a more down-to-earth look, but it’s great to know there’s another fire hydrant lover out there. 🙂

Heroic fire hydrant 

If you think fire hydrants are always dull and boring, think again.

According to legend, this fire hydrant saved San Francisco’s Mission District.

How about that!

8 responses to this post.

  1. You’re not alone Dave, my dog really likes fire hydrants too!


  2. Posted by armcurl on April 27, 2006 at 3:01 am

    Now here’s a fire hydrant!


  3. Posted by Rick Dieringer on April 27, 2006 at 5:53 am

    Your fire hydrant comments bring to mind an old joke about fire hydrants and dogs (a dog never met a fire hydrant he could pass up). This raises the question: does Dave relate more to the hydrant or the dog? An objective observer over the years may say both! 🙂


  4. I guess I like ’em both, too!

    A negative message from a parking meter in nYc’s East Village:

    And, a happy fire hydrant in Emeryville, CA:


  5. Posted by Mike McGrath on April 27, 2006 at 9:15 am

    The Birdshill Holly Society (BHS) is where all of us hydrant fans hang. The inventor of the hydrant, Birdshill Holly, was America’s second most prolific inventor. T. A. Edison remains #1 in the era of individual patents rather than corporate. Dave, join BHS. Welcome aboard!


  6. I’m for the parking meter 😉


  7. Couldn’t understand a thing Danah Boyd was saying – and what is the shmatta on her head?


  8. Beautiful Hydrant. I wonder if it has the iconic status to equal the old Userland cactus. Sort of the same shape and aspect ratio.


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