Scripting News for 4/29/2006

New Flickr set: Seattle MindCamp 2.0

Movie: An $8 flying saucer you can buy on the Internet

Steve Garfield: “When did you first hear about ZeFrank?” 

For the record this is my first EVDO-based blog post.  

Chris Pirillo movies: #1, #2

I’m leading a MindCamp discussion at 10AM tomorrow about OPML, RSS, whatever people want to talk about. We added a session at 9AM tomorrow with Ponzi called Blogging About Love. Too much talking about software, let’s have a session to talk about people.  

At noon today, Seattle Mind Camp 2.0 starts. I’m flying up in the morning, to arrive in Seattle at 11AM or so. With any luck I should be there at noon. 

Dan Bricklin: “Instead of making you feel bad for ‘only’ doing 99%, a well designed system makes you feel good for doing 1%.”  

I just realized that now that I have EVDO, I don’t need to print out Seattle maps for driving directions. I can just use Google Maps from the car. Hehee. I’ve been waiting for a moment like this, to realize how EVDO changes everything. Except I don’t know if it will really work in a moving car. Seems it should, like a cell phone does.  

Bill Gates helps the NY Times turn the clock back.  

Jeff Jarvis asks why. Board room comfort. There was a time when Bill Gates had it all sewn up, and a time when the Sulzbergers did too. If you were them, you’d want to turn the clock back. But as some wise person once said “Time waits for no one.” 

Scripting News has been steadily climbing the Technorati 100, now appearing at number 76. I’ve been claiming my various alter egos, thinking that would boost the rank, but apparently they only count links to If they included links to the essay site, the rank would be in the low 40s. Considering the attention this ranking system gets, it’s remarkable how little is known about how it works. 

The Daily Fisk is fisking Guy Kawasaki. (Not fisting.) 

I love Greta Garbo in Ninotchka

The first Ze Frank news show was on March 17? 

Jeff Jarvis on United 93. “Since September 11, my children no longer let me leave the home without saying that they love me and hearing me say it to them.” 

4 responses to this post.

  1. Google maps on the cell phone works great, but the problem is having to read it while driving. If phones could read back the text, it would be absolutely perfect. The best part about it for a map and direction-challenged person like me who manages to get lost in her home town is the ability to locate landmarks and navigate that way.


  2. EvDO does work in moving cars… my a-ha moment was last summer sending email and downloading web pages while in a cab to O’hare at approx. 70 mph…

    So far, Vegas and Miami and parts of Chicago are the fastest Verizon EvDO links I’ve found..


  3. Posted by Simon Hamilton-Wilkes on April 29, 2006 at 7:07 pm

    Be aware using a laptop in the front seat of a car (even if you’re the passenger) is no longer permitted in California…Need to duct tape the laptop to the dash in order to argue it’s an exempt navigation device.


  4. Thanks for the tips on EVDO. I’m posting from my hotel without using the hotel’s network. Very cool.


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