Scripting News for 5/8/2006

Share Your OPML is an instant hit. I can’t believe how much traffic the server is taking, lots of new users, lists, feeds.  

Quick start: become a member, upload or enter a URL. 

There’s a SYO weblog, where Dan details the changes today while serving (so far) over 75,000 page views.  

Naturally there’s a RSS 2.0 feed for the weblog.  

Mike Arrington and Steve Rubel wrote the first reviews. 

Chris Pirillo is was the most prolific subscriber, by far.  

TechMeme coverage of SYO. Lots of great ideas!! 

159 links on Technorati as of 9:30AM. 

Steve Gillmor: “Some of my best friends are linkers.” 

One response to this post.

  1. Neat new service! Found it over at Scobleizer and gave it a try. Its interesting to see different views of who reads the same blogs and such.

    Just wanted to say thank you!


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