Scripting News for 5/11/2006

New header graphic, 437 West Wilson St, Madison, WI. 

Mike Arrington says Google’s Notebook is a “flat-out competitor.” 

Ryan Tate says that Google plug-ins have arrived. 

Amanda Congdon was on NPR today. 

I’m determined that, for the upcoming BloggerCon IV, we have webcasting that works. At previous events at best the webcasting worked intermittently. This time we have a couple of factors working in our favor. 1. CNET has excellent networking, so there shouldn’t be a problem getting a high-quality stream coming out of the site. 2. We’ve had a couple offers of financial sponsorship for the webcast, so we can spend at least a little money. Now, I only want to do audio, video is too high a hurdle. If we can get quality audio this time, we can try video next time. I don’t see any problem miking the room well enough so that at least the audio will be understandable for people tuning in over the net. Now, what software should we use? Looking for creative advice.  

Gmail seems to be down again. (Posting this note seemed to have brought it back.) 

I went for my four-year post-op stress test and checkup today, and I’m pleased to report everything is fine, knock wood, praise Murphy, I am not a doctor (or a lawyer). No blockages, the bypasses are working fine. With any luck I should live for a few more years. 🙂 

One of the next projects for SYO, is an aggregated newest-first list of articles from the Top 100. Before you say that this isn’t new, that the old site had this feature, it’s true, it’s not new, but it is better. The old version was dynamic, this one is static, so it’s fast. And it scans every ten minutes, not every hour. And it uses the Top 100 as a reading list, so it automatically unsubs when a feed falls off the list. The previous version accumulated feeds. You can monitor the project, as it develops, through this page.  

A couple of observations. 1. The top feeds seem to update more often than most others. 2. I’m finding new stuff to subscribe to in the Top 100. Some people say it’s all the same, but in my case that’s not true. There are quite a few top feeds that I’m not already subscribed to.  

The NY Times has a wireless smart rabbit that reads you the news. It signals by moving its ears. We live in the future.  

Jeff Jarvis: “They treat us like idiots.” 

3 responses to this post.

  1. Are there opmls accessible for “subscriptions like mine” and for other individual members as well? It would be neat to get a reading list of what people who have subscriptions like mine are reading that I am not, particularly the less well known feeds that could be gems.


  2. I’ve just started doing audio and internet broadcasting for Podcast on the Floor a company that specializes in conference webcasts. We’ve got a dedicated hardware appliance that does the encoding and uploading on the spot, so the files are immediately available on a remote server.

    We recently produced the Innotech conference in Portland, OR, and may soon begin covering Intel’s developer’s conference.

    We’d love to be involved in BloggerCon IV. May we submit a proposal to you?


  3. The organizers of the recent Freedom 2 Connect event had excellent web audio… david isenberg over at would have more answers


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