Scripting News for 5/14/2006

Today’s a travel day, heading to San Diego to participate in Mark Anderson’s Future In Review conference.  

Checking in from SFO, where I was able to buy a seat with more legroom for $24. It’s a new protection scam by United Airlines. They made me an offer I couldn’t refuse.  

The next development project is a connection between NewsRiver and the Share Your OPML community server. I’ve written code that allows you to set up NewsRiver to automatically ping SYO when your subscriptions change. Of course, by default, this feature is turned off; and it’s open, any aggregator will be able to connect its users to the SYO system in exactly this way. The code has actually been released, if you’re using NewsRiver, you can poke around the Prefs system and turn it on. The SYO side of it hasn’t been programmed yet, but hopefully that’s coming soooon. 🙂 

BBC: West Wing ends seven-year TV run

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  1. Sad to see the West Wing end. I wrote a eulogy.


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