Scripting News for 5/17/2006

After visiting the Apple store in Emeryville, I went for a black MacBook, with 2GB of memory. Here’s the MacWorld review. I went into the store not knowing what I would buy. After looking at all the laptop choices, I bought the one I wanted. There was no hesitation. 

Otherwise, not much happening today… 

Along with Steve Gillmor and Marc Canter, Valleywag calls me a “crazy uncle of New Media.” 

Gartenberg says the black Mac is not like a ThinkPad.  

I got my ears cleaned out. 

Couldn’t make up my mind between one of these, and one of these

VeriSign has shipped a beta of their identity service as part of their “bigger plans around blogosphere infrastructure.” 

Reminder: The Best of Rocketboom is available via BitTorrent. 

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