Scripting News for 5/20/2006

Marshall Kirkpatrick: “FeedPass makes RSS subscription and monetizing other peoples’ content easy.” 

Editorial: I’m not sure I understand what FeedPass is doing, but I don’t want them republishing my feed, and I especially don’t support them putting ads in their version of my feed. Is that really what they’re doing? I don’t think their offer of an opt-out is very convincing. My feed is copyrighted, so they need my permission to republish it, and they don’t have it. I’m glad that Mike Arrington, a lawyer, is looking into this.  

NY Times: “Barry Bonds matched Babe Ruth’s career total of 714 home runs by hitting a solo homer Saturday against the Oakland Athletics.” 

What Marc Canter said. “I’m honored to be associated with those dudes.” 

Six years ago on this day, a picture taken on a lovely walk in the red light district of Amsterdam.  

SYO news 

Quick update on Share Your OPML. It now polls the OPML files that it has URLs for.

SYO also now fully supports the ping server I implemented last week, so now it’s time to show everyone else how to do it. The pings work exactly as they did for (which is pretty much the standard for pinging in the blogging world), you send the message to, it verifies that the file has changed, and if so it apears in its changes.xml file, which is open, as it was with

We’re also working on some interesting podcast-related features for SYO and looking to hire another developer, maybe two, to expand the service. I’m pretty happy with the way it’s going, and want to invest more. Looking for people with PHP, MySQL, WordPress and XML experience.

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  1. back at cha brother


  2. Dave,

    I did not know where else to post this. Can you please email me with an answer.

    I have noticed the majority of readers (Rojo and Bloglines) do not support multiple channels. Is this observation correct?



  3. Posted by Don on May 20, 2006 at 7:31 pm


    I agree with you on FeedPass. Anyone using my feeds for commercial purposes needs my written permission because they are copyrighted by me.



  4. Posted by Ross Mitton on May 21, 2006 at 7:28 am

    G’day Dave. Ross here from Perth, Australia. Had trouble tracking your email address so I’m using this. Somehow your CoffeeNotes 31 Dec 2004 autoloaded into my ipod, and I had not read it I got stuck into it (MCN are a bit sparse these days). You hit a few chords with me as usual, one was Rwanda vs tsunami.

    The biggie however was your correction to Adam Curry about your comments re show notes in aggregators. My reaction was to compare your situation with my attitude to Geek News Central. I don’t like listening to Todd’s podcast, but I look forward to his email newsletter with links to shownotes. I think all podcasters should do this. Todd get to flash his GoDaddy ads at me, and I get what I want.

    regardz, Ross


  5. I can see how syndication is not necessarily republishing.

    To create automated services that can republish without offending the author, we need to have copyright built right into the format.

    With over 40 million feeds out there it’s just not possible for Technorati and bloglines to email each owner (including Dave Winer) and ask permission. So the most common solution is “opt-out” (which Dave rejects).

    That’s why I’ve been blogging about DRM being defined in the ATOM and RSS specs, so that the author can specify his/her expectations of how the content will be used during the entire lifetime of it’s use. Have a read of my post: DRM in RSS 2, OPML 2 and ATOM 1

    We really do need to resolve this problem to avoid a wild-west shootout.


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