Scripting News for 5/23/2006

New Flickr set: After a long rainy spell, the sun came out, and so did the flowers, and walkers. (Flowrs, walkrs?) 

The Mac equivalent of the dreaded Blue Screen of Death.  

Movie version of the Mac equiv of the BSOD. 

Another good Top Ten Lies Of list would be the Top Ten Lies of Apple Computer. They say in their TV ads that Macs work better with Japanese cameras. This is not true. Windows XP understands them every bit as well as Macs do. I wonder why Microsoft doesn’t respond to Apple’s ads. Apple is just regurgitating the (mistaken) conventional wisdom. They’re kind of doing Microsoft a favor, because they’re marketing against where Windows was ten years ago. (And actually Windows NT had already solved many of the problems they’re talking about.) A Microsoft ad with a spinning color cursor would be pretty interesting. Love that user-friendly Mac. Sitting there waiting. And waiting. Hello Mac. Fair is fair. If Apple can say Windows is nerdy, MS can say Macs are stoners. ๐Ÿ™‚ 

BTW, they aren’t kidding when they say you shouldn’t use a MacBook on your lap. You could fry an egg on one of those babies. I bet the egg would actually cook. 

Tomorrow I’m going to the Giants day game with Niall Kennedy. Should be pretty cool, we got field level box seats directly behind home plate. Section 115, Row K.  

Niall and I are also co-hosting a pre-BloggerCon dinner in San Francisco next Wednesday, May 31.  

Guy Kawasaki: The Top Ten Lies of Guy Kawasaki

Thanks to Matt Deatherage for the link.  

BTW, when talking with Elisa this morning, I asked her who she thought I should ask to lead the discussion on making money with blogs. She brought up Guy’s name. I said I didn’t think Guy would make a good DL, but I do think he’d be an excellent contributor. I would love to have him at BloggerCon, and I mean it, and I hope he doesn’t think that’s hypocritical (one of the problems with calling unnamed people names on your blog is that everyone tends to think you’re talking about them). And Guy, if I’m an A-lister, what does that make you? Your Technorati rank is much higher than mine. For the record I don’t care what my rank is (or yours), and it’s up to you to figure out if that’s a lie. ๐Ÿ™‚ 

Truth be told, it is a lie. Sort of. ๐Ÿ™‚ 

This morning, I had my pre-conference talk with Elisa Camahort, who will lead a discussion at BloggerCon IV. Over the next few weeks I’ll talk with each of the discussion leaders at least once. 

I’m going to a friend’s birthday party on Saturday in SF, but if I weren’t I’d certainly be at WineCamp, in Calaveras County. What a great idea. Get away from the city, the traffic, and hang out with some smart people and drink wine and camp out under the stars. Excellent! 

Marshall Kirkpatrick writes that even if Feedburner dies, we’ll live. Okay, I didn’t say otherwise and it’s hard to argue we’d all die if they did, so I won’t (but sometimes people’s lives do depend on technology working, more often than perhaps we’d like to admit). On the other hand, why should we give up anything for the convenience of some more statistics? Why can’t we have it all? And if we’re giving something up (of course we are, they aren’t a charity) shouldn’t we know what we’re giving up?  

My mother has a letter in today’s NY Times. 

They need a new fact checker? 

Business 2.0: “In an ideal digital world, we’d be able to buy copyrighted music and videos wherever we wanted, not just on a designated store. But that’s been the fate of iPod users, who can only buy content off of Apple’s iTunes Music Store.”

Not true. I’ve been using an iPod since they came out and I’ve never bought a song from their music store. Further, we would never have been able to develop podcasting if this were true.

Perhaps the mistake is in the use of the word “copyrighted,” which is not the same thing as copy protected.

Either way, they need someone with a decent education to review their articles before they publish them.

I suppose it’s possible that they’re deliberately trying to conflate the two terms? If so, that’s kind of corrupt.

2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Steve Silver on May 23, 2006 at 8:57 am

    I actually just read the your Mom’s letter in the paper and had to chuckle…now to see that this is your Mom…all I have to say is Go Mom!!


  2. I don’t know about MacOS anymore, but most of the photos from my digital camera are in CR2 format (canon RAW 2). WindowsXP can thumbnail and display these images in their image previewer, but only if I know to download a special plugin from Microsoft. Even then, Windows won’t actually transfer the files off my camera using its built in camera wizard. It’ll move JPEGs and skip the CR2 files, so I have to use the clunky software that Canon provides.

    It wouldn’t be hard for Apple to deliver a better experience than this. Apple has perceived, probably correctly, that they have a window of opportunity to snipe against Microsoft while they try (and try) to get Vista out the door. The snipes are going to have resonance because most computer users have used Windows and have doubtless encountered one of its shortcomings. Some of them might actually decide to give this Mac thing a try, and for some of those that are considering it, the fact that BootCamp means that they can go back to Windows if it doesn’t work out with MacOS will probably grease the skids.

    Microsoft is free to snipe against the Mac, but what’s the point? The only people who’se emotions are going to be plucked by a spinning colored cursor are recent Mac users, and many or most of them are quite fond of MacOS X, thank you very much. Even if they have doubts, they probably have suffered enough Windows annoyances at work, or heard about them from family members, to know that it’s probably not worth the trouble switching.


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