Scripting News for 5/24/2006

New Flickr set: Giants vs Cardinals. Live. 

Final score: St Louis 10, San Francisco 4. The wifi at the park was awesome.  

The moving picture view from AT&T Park. 

Steve Gillmor: “I’m having the time of my life.” 

I didn’t know that there was an official Lost podcast

Nick Carr says Wikipedia is over. “The end came last Friday. That’s when Wikipedia’s founder, Jimmy Wales, proposed ‘that we eliminate the requirement that semi-protected articles have to announce themselves as such to the general public.'” 

Lee Gomes: “What Apple has, and what Wintel badly needs, is a design tyrant like Steve Jobs.” 

Ross Rader expands on this point.  

This morning I had my pre-conference talk with Ryanne Hodson, who will lead the discussion about video blogging. Tomorrow I’m talking with Phillip Torrone

A utility script that runs in the OPML Editor (or Frontier or Radio) that lists the enabled threads and everyMinute scripts that might be slowing your system down. It found a few problems on my system.  

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