Scripting News for 6/3/2006

The brilliance of Steve Gillmor, in an open letter to Bill Gates Ray Ozzie. He says they should get in front of the U.S. government, and give us back our own attention data. This is a nice how-do-you-do to Google and Yahoo, would undermine their strength and gets on the user’s side in the upcoming battle between Hollywood and the Rest of Us. Oddly, Microsoft is now in a position to be the outsider to Apple’s insider.  

One of my Sims characters is named OPML 2.0 . He was born around the time the spec was being made public. He’s now an adult, and really into money. Having a character with such a funny name has led to some odd dialogs. 🙂 

An interesting essay on the BART website explains that the system doesn’t run 24 hours a day because some maintenence can only be performed when the system is down. They say that the London Underground and Paris Metro don’t run 24 hours either. It’s the one thing that Bay Area BART-lovers agree is keeping BART from becoming a standard method of transport. If you’re staying out late, you still have to drive.  

Scott Beale was at Thursday’s opening of the Long Now Foundation’s public space at Fort Mason in SF. 

Yesterday I pointed to an SYO-like feature from Odeo, then Biz Stone added an update that spices things up quite a bit. Here’s a look at bizstone’s inbox which is a list of the podcast feeds he’s subscribed to. If you scroll to the bottom of the page you’ll see that this is available in RSS, which is really interesting, it’s a reverse-chronologic list of items from the feeds he’s subscribed to. Very nice. They also have an OPML rendition of this data, which is basically a list of feeds. He says they still have some work to do to get it in form for SYO, which is true, but when they do, it will also work as a reading list. It’s good to see this stuff converging. 🙂 


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  1. This new feature in Odeo sounds like something Collectik rolled out a few months or so ago.


  2. Posted by David Mercer on June 3, 2006 at 5:26 pm

    The lack of after midnight BART service is why my wife and I don’t ever do much at night in SF (we live in the Rockridge neighborhood of northern Oakland about a mile from Berkeley). And the late night transbay A.C. Transit service is very inconvenient to use to get back to our place from downtown SF. Two hours minimum!


  3. At least there is, at last, all-night service with a reasonable service area. Click my name for schedules. Dave, check it out, the travel time is probably more practical for you. David, have you considered parking near downtown Oakland when going to Sf for the evening? That could shorten your return and avoid a transfer.


  4. Interesting info about the BART. I don’t see why they need all 7 days to do their maintenance though. They would still have 5 nights to do it if they had 24 hour service on fridays and saturdays.


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