Scripting News for 6/5/2006

Chris Pirillo begs for an OPML of all of NPR’s podcasts. Google spreadsheet due tomorrow

Nov 1999 PC World article about Halfbrain. “’s first offering, a spreadsheet written in pure dynamic HTML and called BrainMatter, was released to the public in a beta version this week.” 

Tim Bray: “Sometimes the world has new things in it and you just have to deal with them as they are.” Very true. Analogies are great, but some things are truly new, and have no analogies.  

I spent the day in Palo Alto, doing normal things, seeing my doctor, getting a haircut, hanging out in a Starbucks. The economy is in a strange place. The parking lots of the office parks are empty. Central Expressway is quiet, as is the road connecting 280 to El Camino by the Stanford Shopping Center. Used to be bottlenecks and traffic jams. The commercial tax base isn’t generating enough money to operate city government. While the economy seems permanently shrunk, the housing prices are higher than ever. A townhouse in Sharon Heights goes for $2 million. There are no houses for less than $1 million, even in modest neighborhoods.  

Correction, Jim Posner sends a link to this charming single family home in Menlo Park, offered at $599,000. 

I’ve been on Google’s shit list for years, so this exchange with Jon Udell contains some new info. Seems they’ve now got the PR dept of Sun Microsystems. They used to have the best PR in the world. Now it’s just a slice of Silicon Valley. 

Cory Doctorow at Radio Shack 

Dowbrigade at BarCamp/Boston 

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  1. This comment applies to yesterday’s post on Barney’s. The best burger I have eaten in the Bay Area is at Cafe Rouge on 4th Street in Berkeley. Just incredible. Try sitting at the bar or outside under the sun. Yummy.


  2. Posted by Kr8tr on June 5, 2006 at 3:42 pm

    You should move to San Antonio. It’s amazing what you can buy for $150K here. For a million, you would be buying in the Dominion, where the Spurs and other “extremely wealthies” live. Quality of life can’t be beat here – no hurricanes, no earthquakes, no state taxes. And yes, we are the 8th largest city in the country, so we have running water (even in the house!) and a thriving tech scene.


  3. hi dave, your ’email’ link on the scripting home page doesn’t work anymore (at least not for me!)




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