Scripting News for 6/8/2006

Public sign-up page for BloggerCon IV.  

BloggerCon mail list, moderated by yours truly.  

Steve Gillmor saying he has a bad attitude is kind of like the Pope admitting that he’s Catholic.  

Playboy: “First there was podcasting, and now there is bodcasting.” Nudity. 

John Palfrey will lead the How to Make Money session at BloggerCon IV, June 23-24 in SF. 

Betsy Devine wonders, had there been VCs before Christ, would they have hyped an ad-supported business model for user generated food? Also known as Figs 2.0.™ 🙂 

This is why I like John Robb, he gets excited about cool ideas. Actually, Jeremy Allaire proposed something called RSS-Data a few years ago, it was basically the XML-RPC serialization format, unbundled from the transport. It’s still a good idea, moslty because there are so many implementations of XML-RPC, in basically every environment known to scripters. I still think if Amazon provided an XML-RPC interface for S3 it would help drive adoption, and I think Google should support it in their spreadsheet. The two were designed for each other.  

NY Times: “Al Qaeda’s leader in Iraq, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, was killed in an American air strike on an isolated safe house north of Baghdad at 6:15PM local time on Wednesday, top United States and Iraqi officials said today.” 

The fully updated Windows build of the OPML Editor is ready for testing. The Macintosh build has been available for a few days, and has more or less checked out. This is the first release to include the NewsRiver aggregator with reading list support, and may turn out to be milestone for the RSS community as well as the OPML community. 

New podcast. Dan Gillmor and I participated in a moderated discussion about the future of blogging. I think it came out pretty well. Esther Dyson asks a pointed question, Om Malik gets a plug, Dan Farber sums it up. 

Does Google’s spreadsheet have XML-RPC function calls? Oh man, what an opportunity to tie things together. Way beyond AJAX. So potentially exciting.  

The first thing I would program, just for fun, is a spreadsheet that calls and displays the difference in temperature between Berkeley and Cambridge.  

Gardenia in bloom 

5 responses to this post.

  1. I get rss and opml , but I’m a newbie to xml-rpc. why not use a REST based approach, or maybe xml-rpc is the same thing? where can I go to grok xml-rpc?

    Digital Podcast

    The Open Podcast Directory via OPML


  2. Posted by Amy on June 8, 2006 at 5:36 am

    Dave, how will remote participants engage with Bloggercon, other than listening to the live audio or the podcast? Message board might be good for after-the-fact participation.


  3. I use XML-RPC a little, I use RSS and OPML a lot more though now-a-days.

    Personally I think a REST interface would be better for the spreadsheet, it is actually even more prolific than XML-RPC.

    I would still love to get where your coming from on the XML-RPC front though, can you expand what you thinking.

    Feel free to check out my blog and in particular this post :
    Ultra Deep Linking –

    I am also conversing with EditGrid at the mo about enhancing their web based spreadsheet product

    PS don’t forget : NumSum, IRows,Zoho spreadsheet and Numbler as well as Google’s offering 😉



  4. ‘plunder of the sun’ is on tcm right now!!!

    part of diana lynn night…


  5. Dave check out David Lee at EditGrid can you help him with these ideas, I would bet you get a beeter response from him than google!

    David Lee :



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