Scripting News for 6/10/2006

Silicon Valley Watch: Scoble is leaving Microsoft

Marc Canter and Amber MacArthur thought they were posing for a picture, but I was actually taking a movie. Pretty funny! 🙂 

There are four T1 lines coming into the VloggerCon building, which is why there’s good bandwidth. Remember, this is a video blogging conference.  

Rex Hammock on John Dvorak: “He’s a troll.” 

The Dvorak video has been Slashdotted and Dug. is the “campaign to eliminate DRM.” 

I just met a radio guy named John Hammond, who is also a famous pianist. He has a radio show on 1550 AM in SF, but he lives in New York. Grew up in Berkeley on Euclid Ave.  

Apparently the invites to Foo Camp are going out. Someone just asked me what I think of it. Here’s what I think — there’s a big difference between a chaotic disorganized event like VloggerCon, that’s open to everyone; and an invite-only event where only people who don’t offend a couple of control oriented people. This one is noisy and creative. People at Foo Camp waste a ton of energy congratulating each other that they got the invite. But nothing useful actually comes out of the invite-only event, because the most creative people aren’t there. It’s practically algorithmic.  

I’m at the back of the main ballroom at VloggerCon in SF. If you’re here, the people on stage are asking the audience for questions after they did presentations. Folks, that is not an unconference. Please. No audience, and don’t ask questions, say things, tell stories. Most of the smarts are in the room not on the stage. If you’re here come by and say hello. I’m wearing a black hat and a black polo shirt. And geez, people are lining up at a microphone and making speeches. There should be a session here about what an unconference is. Maybe we need to do one of those at BloggerCon. (And there’s a dull roar from the hallway conversation.) 

Pictures from last night’s Vloggercon party. 

Steve Garfield, one of the organizers of Vloggercon. 

Download the Dvorak movie via BitTorrent. My server was getting slammed, this method is so much more rational.  

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a torrent with this many seeds.  

I got a report from Jeff Powell that he is having trouble downloading the Dvorak movie via BitTorrent. I see a lot of people are successfully downloading it, and I was able to myself (using Azureus on a Mac). If you have any clues, please post a comment here. (However, there’s not much I can change because Amazon is hosting the Torrent.) 

8 responses to this post.

  1. Very good, Dave! A vlogger with a real scoop!


  2. I had a problem downloading but finally got it. It would download a few megs and slow down to a few bits per second. I resart the download and it would flow again. I restarted it about six times to get the full download.

    It is hard to ask people to wait a few min to download a small video file when the standard is streaming it live. I know the host gets pinged but the distibuted model has no quality of service. Do we all need faster pipes to make bittorrent work?

    Anyway, thanks for the video Dave.


  3. .pando it. Pretty much like bt, but we seed it. Yeah, I work there, but its free(of everything….no mal/ad/spyware….heck we don’t even have banner ads in the free client yet). And easy and cross platform…..well, sorta, Windows and Mac……linux sometime soon.

    Heck, I pulled it down and did it, you can find the .pando here:

    And you can find the pando app at:

    Or as the man says, use bt, there are a lot of seeders atm.



  4. Posted by Robert Scoble on June 10, 2006 at 9:30 am

    Johan: I have a picture of Dave getting the scoop here: (that was my laugh on the audio).


  5. I just compressed it using MP4, it got from more than 20MB to less than 4MB.

    You can get it here :


  6. I was able to get it via bit torrent — Before watching it, the Dvorak trolling bothered me. However, now that he admits what I thought all along I find it greatly amusing. It’s not just Mac users he tweaks this way, however: it’s podcasting, creative commons, etc. Wherever he can get a mass of incoming links. (Dave, is it okay if folks post this on youtube and google video, etc.?)


  7. Posted by David Mercer on June 10, 2006 at 2:22 pm

    Four T-1 lines is a rounding error compared to how much bandwidth there is at the CNET building where bloggercon is going to be! For real.


  8. Posted by markr on June 12, 2006 at 11:21 am

    Boy, I dont think I have ever downloaded a torrent so fast. It took maybe 3 mintues using Utortent. I read it here about 5 minutes ago and got it.

    That was fast!!!!


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