Scripting News for 6/21/2006

Sign-up page for Friday night Food for Thought dinners. 

What if your number is greater than 150? 

Technography and OPML at BloggerCon IV. 

Peter Merholz on tech conferences. “Same old people singing the same old song.” 

Kevin Marks has set up an IRC channel for BloggerCon. It’s the same one we’ve used at previous shows. I’ve listed it on the Webcast page if you need to find it later. I am using Ircle on the Mac, and was stumbling around for an hour, frustrated with the user interface, until I found this howto, and now I’m on the BloggerCon channel. Whew. 

Jared Benedict: “It is my position that hyperlinking to publicly accessible MP3’s is perfectly legal.” 

Awesome Frontline last night on the face-off between Vice-President Cheney and former CIA Director Tenet, and then complicity in the deception that led to war in Iraq. 

Doug Kaye: Interviews via Skype

Heat wave! 

I promised it would be chilly, but I was wrong!

We’re having a heat wave. It was 93 in Berkeley today. Not much cooler in SF. On Saturday the Bay Area’s natural air conditioning kicks in, with a more reasonable high. But we’ll sweat tomorrow and Friday.

Live MCN 

Okay, let’s do something new this morning.

At 9:30AM Pacific, we’ll do a live Morning Coffee Notes, via webcast.

I can’t Skype people in, but I can respond to things people say via IRC.

We’ll do it for 1/2 hour. Then I’ll upload a WMV archive, and if someone can figure out how to convert it to an MP3, I’ll redistribute that, or if not, I’ll work on it later.

How does that sound?

PS: The archive didn’t happen.

3 responses to this post.

  1. Dave:

    Do you have permission from the copyright holders to render and publish the OPML files in your directory? Considering your personal views and history of others publishing someone’s content without permission, I find your directory at odds with the rest of you. An uneducated glance at your directory would cause someone to truly question the source of the content. Yes, you can click on the XML icon and read the source code, but does the average web viewer know or care?

    Also, the server is not working at 7:18AM Central time.


    Steve Kirks


  2. Isn’t it crazy and kind of incongruent that public broadcasting is so stingy? In addition to the TAL issue, the Frontline link you provided has videos but you can only look at them in a tiny window in a browser. What good is my nice TV sized monitor with that kind of restriction? In the FAQ, it’s explained,

    Q. How come I can’t play this in the RealPlayer/Windows Media Player/QuickTime player instead of in this web page?
    A. FRONTLINE is following PBS guidelines which require us to play video in a browser window.


  3. Actually, now I see that you can look at properties and paste the URL into Windows Media Player, but sheesh…

    BTW I may be able to help with the WMV file. I think my version of Adobe Audition can do that.


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