Scripting News for 6/28/2006

Today was Scoble’s last day at Microsoft.  

Scott Rosenberg: “The absence of ads is one of the key factors behind Craigslist’s phenomenal success.” 

Martin Green: “Haystack is designed to provide a very scalable, reliable and cost effective platform for object storage and delivery to the Internet.” 

According to Joi Ito there are four bloggers at Brainstorm in Aspen. If the coolness of a conference is measured by how many bloggers there are, I guess Gnomedex is 50 or 60 times as cool. Sorry. 🙂 

John Edwards will speak at Gnomedex on Friday. There’s no doubt he’s running for President. I saw him speak a dozen times in the 2004 campaign, so seeing a stump speech, which is certainly what we’re getting, no matter how much it’s positioned as a candid conversation, is really nothing special. Further, it should not be seen as an endorsement of his candidacy by any of the bloggers present, unless they specifically say so. Like it or not, blogging is political now, even at Gnomedex. 

Jason Calacanis is wondering, out loud what I’ve been wondering in private emails to Om Malik, Mike Arrington and Staci Kramer, this morning. What’s going on in Content Blogging Land? I’ve asked for meetings with Om and Mike at Gnomedex. These guys must be using each other as comps in their plans, so what do they know about each other that the rest of us don’t? 

The list of people coming to Gnomedex, which starts tomorrow in Seattle. If you’re going to be there, I’ll be staying at the Marriott on Alaska Way. Let’s party! 

The OPML Editor, which was brand-new at last year’s Gnomedex, is now in good enough shape that a reasonable experience can be had by a first-time user. It includes a great aggregator, NewsRiver, which is one of very few that support OPML reading lists, and of course it has a blogging tool, and instant outlining, and a fantastic community that loves it to pieces.  

Freedback: “A folksonomic Bat-light…” 

This table lists the most frequently read HTTP resources by applications running on the server. I needed this to debug the server yesterday, and as long as I had it around, I figured what the heck, I should share the data. No guarantee that I’ll keep maintaining it though. 🙂 

Deadwood is the new Sopranos  

I’m caught up on Season 3 of Deadwood.

And I gotta say, it’s the new high water mark in serial drama.

Big Love hit some snags in the middle of its first season, ended on a high note, but Deadwood is rising to a crescendo, and changing the way I think about everything in business.

They redefine evil, what I used to think was the height of depravity now looks rather innocent. If you’ve been following the show, you know what I mean. 🙂

Highly recommended.

PS: One of the downsides of being a Deadwood devotee is that I now think of everyone as a cocksucker. 🙂


Knock wood, Praise Murphy, I am not a lawyer and my mother loves me. With all those disclaimers out of the way, I am willing to proclaim that I think I may have found the nasty table that was overflowing on the OPML Community server that was causing the performance problems. The server has been performing very well for 24 hours, so with any luck at all it should perform well in the next 24 hours and so on. In the meantime another fire has started which I am now trying to put out. Welcome to life on the server side. 🙂

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  1. Sadly, it looks like Deadwood is going to end with Season 3. HBO hasn’t picked up the contracts for a 4th season.


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