Scripting News for 6/30/2006

Steve Gillmor: The Attention Operating System

Mike Arrington: “Don’t use my own facts against me.” 

I talked with Jeff Barr at Amazon last night, and he said the bit I posted about supporting XML-RPC on S3 got through and they’re looking at it.  

I’m sitting next to John Furrier at Gnomedex and he says he heard from Bob Wyman last night that PubSub has shut down and their engineers have found jobs at other companies.  

Scott Karp: “Navigating Google ads feels like Yahoo circa 1997.” 

Today and tomorrow are officially RSS Days in Washington. 

I’m in the conference center, and haven’t been able to get online through the wifi, but luckily my EVDO modem works. People around me are getting on, maybe it has something to do with the fact that I’m using a Mac? If you’re in the room and have an idea, please send mail.  

Tom Forenski: “I’ve been working with the PR industry to figure out a better way to create press/news releases that are more useful to reporters and others, in this multi-media channel world we live in.” 

Looks like I have more to do at Gnomedex than the 15 minutes on Saturday. This morning during Chris’s opening remarks, I’ll read a document signed by a Washington political leader. And then during lunch I’m doing a live hour-long podcast with the temporarily unemployed Robert Scoble.  

The server is slow again 

The other day I reported that I thought the server that’s running the OPML Community was running smoothly, but now it’s clear that it isn’t. I can’t do anything about it during the conference, but I’m getting another server provisioned, and will try to figure out how to split the load between two servers. It may not be too hard. Realistically I won’t get to that until the middle of next week. I’m really sorry for the poor performance, but I’m going to do what I can to make it better.

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