Scripting News for 7/16/2006

Target Stores has an RSS feed for for early alerts on its weekly ads. Thanks to Staci Kramer for the link.  

Heads up to people who use the OPML Editor as a blogging tool. I’ve been working on static rendering of weblog content, which would allow blogs to be hosted anywhere, via any upload mechanism. That’s part of the reason why I did the fileSynch builtin (and its connection to Amazon S3), to give people lots of options on where to host their blogs. I’ll offer the tool for testing, probably within the next week. I’m doing it slowly and carefully, with lots of testing along the way.  

Mike Arrington: “How do their shareholders feel about side projects like Twttr when their primary product line is, besides the excellent design, a total snoozer?” 

Sylvia Paull: “Blowing up townhouses and wars don’t interest me.” 

I followed Rex Hammock’s advice and saw Superman on iMax, and I’m afraid I wasn’t blown away as Rex was. Boring movie. Yet another remake of Star Wars, basically the only movie Hollywood knows how to make these days, with the usual Superman characters, and the teeniest bit of Finding Neverland (which is an awesome movie, a real tear-jerker). The only funny lines are from Lex Luthor, and those are only outstanding because they’re the only funny lines, they wouldn’t stand out in a normal Superman movie. There’s nothing politically significant in the plot (wonder what Rex was thinking), it has absolutely no suspense value, and given the hype around 3D, I expected at least a little Spiderman-like vertigo, but got nothing. And the new Superman has absolutely nothing going for him. He doesn’t even make a good goody goody.  

Four years ago: “If there is such a thing as journalism, it must be possible to practice it in a weblog.” 

Don Park: “Who do I have to kill to require a pain-in-the-ass F2F procedure to transer 5+ digit fund out of my banking and brokerage accounts?” Amen. 

Your decision about Foo Camp 

The back-channel discussion about Foo Camp has already started. This year’s event is at the end of August, not exactly sure of the dates. Those who are invited, even people who are almost religious about open events, say they’re going. Those who aren’t invited, including people who have never been invited, are either secretly or openly pissed.

I suggest the secret this year is to not care whether or not you were invited. If you were, don’t gloat, and don’t go. This is an event where they claim to do open standards work, but it’s invite-only. It’s bad for trust in our little world. If you weren’t invited, don’t do your own camp and say it’s great because it’s open. Instead go to the movies or the beach. Call your mother and say hi. Have a play date with your kids.

For background, the best piece about Foo Camp was written by Om Malik, which includes this comment from Tim O’Reilly where he explains the whys and wherefores.

An idea is to have a badge that says I don’t support exclusive events where open work supposedly takes place. Of course I’d put one here on Scripting News, and I’d ask my friends to do the same, and you could ask your friends. Then in a week or so we’d see who didn’t put one up, and ask them nicely to please do so.

2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Tony Hill on July 16, 2006 at 6:33 pm

    Had to disagree with just about everything Dave said about the new Superman movie.

    1) Boring Movie : Didnt find it boring in the least
    2) Remake of starwars – I hope you’re not refering to the father/son thing (which is the only thing I can see which was even remotely akin to starwars. Cos man that’s such a lame, shallow comparitor. So now any movie that has a paternal theme is a remake of starwars. Great.
    3) Jokes – If you are in love with the first movie and it’s slightly campy nature after the first half hour then yeah you might not like this one. However, while I loved the first movie for what it was I found that the first half hour (Krypton + The Farm) was played totally straight but when they move to Metropolis for the bulk of the movie they went a bit into the camp side. It was as if as soon as they got him in the suit they didnt have the balls to stick with the straight read and went camp in order to protect themselves from ridicule; they can say “oh it’s just a bit of fun, look how we added the fat bumbling side-kick”. Like said, I loved the movie for what it was and Reeve was Superman for me. But I always wish they had stuck to the straight line and let Hackman do the absolute evil bastard he can do so well rather than hamming it up and reduce the general 50’s style hokiness (ironic that it was when they get to the big city that it becomes hokey rather than when they are on the farm in middle-america). The 50’s had a mean streak to them as well as that facade of moral uprightness. Lets see some of that.
    4) Politically significant – Dude the first two movies werent policitclly significant and they’re the only 2 worth watching. That pile of crap about the nuclear bombs was reaaaallly bad in Supe4. Not every movie has to be politico-social commentary.
    5) Virtigo – I’d rather not thanks. I enjoy the realism of the visual image rather than stomach churning feeling that makes me actually look AWAY from the screen during a movie. Looking away from the screen during a movie seems kinda counter-productive to me.
    6) The new guy – thought he did a fine job. Doesnt have the acting chops of Reeve but it’s not like it’s a n easy role to cast for. The guy can act decently, he fills out the suit well, he is able to present two very different personalities and still show signs of both in each. Accepting that it’s very unlikely that you’ll find another Chris Reeve I think he did a fine job.


  2. Posted by Tony Hill on July 16, 2006 at 9:32 pm

    Disclaimer: All of the above is very subjective of course. But IMO the movie lacked any significant technical faults so I feel subjective aspects are the only left to comment on really.


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