Scripting News for 7/20/2006

I’ll be at Wikimania, Aug 4-6 in Cambridge. 

Dana Gardner: “Dave Winer and a burgeoning chorus of supporters are proposing a fresh go at a community directory for podcasts. What an excellent idea.” 

Lessig: “I’m sitting at a hot Internet cafe in Costa Rica…” 

Progress on the static rendering of OPML weblogs. 

Scott Gatz on how RSS was adopted at Yahoo. Note how they didn’t try to improve it. A case study on how a BigCo can move fast, and win. 

Eric Rice gets behind the community podcast directory. I feel a consensus building here. πŸ™‚ 

Wes Felter also bought a house on Monday.  

Jon Udell puzzles over how Google News decides what is and isn’t a news source. For what it’s worth, I subscribe to a bunch of Google News searches, and they don’t really implement rule #2, “It is managed by an organization (not an individual) and includes organizational information on its site.” I get lots of results written by individual bloggers beacuse lots of “organizational” sites include the work of bloggers, and I don’t think there’s any editorial review process (rule #4), but I don’t know for sure. It’s still useful. BTW, when I wrote for HotWired, a publication that would surely pass any reasonable set of tests, I had a deal with them that they wouldn’t change my writing without my permission. I had the same deal when I wrote for Fawcette, briefly. I’d imagine any other quality publication would work the same, so Google’s rules are kind of naive.  

New header graphic. A restaurant on the beach in Florida

Scripting News search for “header graphic.” 

A Scripting News header graphic from July 1997. 

Okay it’s finally too hot here, so I took a break to go to the movies, but the air conditioning wasn’t so great, and I got itchy sitting in one place for so long so I got up and left. Capsule review of the Pirates of the Caribbean Part II, don’t bother, the plot is about as interesting as King Kong was. They resorted as heavily to aggravating chases. No suspension of disbelief, no story to keep the interest. Does Hollywood still make entertainment, or do they just make the same old thriller over and over, to the point where there’s no thrill left.  

Boston Globe: “A noisy and lazy stopgap movie that goes absolutely nowhere and takes 2½ hours to get there.” I left after 1 hour. 

Todd Cochrane supports trying again with the community podcast directory.  

Amyloo: “No podcaster wants the distinction of becoming the first one to kill a listener.” 

I was just reading Amanda’s post saying that she’s coming to Blogher next week. I’ll be there too, but I wish they afforded men a special status, like guest, or observer, because I felt really weird when I read that Amanda was looking forward to having “fun with ‘the ladies.'” Since this is my space, still, I gotta say there ain’t no ladies here and them that say there is are going to get a punch in the nose! πŸ™‚ 

Seven years ago: “Nothing like a big blank machine to get you going in the morning.” 

9 responses to this post.

  1. Hu Dave. Any way of getting the result from a search at formatted in OPML ?


  2. That’s a good idea, and honestly, I hadn’t thought of it. I’ll check it out…


  3. I will naturally support an community podcast directory, but only if you explain what you mean by ‘community podcast diretory’ – do you mean a system like a wiki where everyone changes stuff? Or register and login to edit a directory – who is the keymaster? What is the suggested technology?

    Hopefully not Frontier, as only about 5 people on the planet know what to do there. OK. 6. ;p (two of them are already on this comment thread – and it ain’t me)

    Who will make overall decisions about the way the site goes? There are alot of questions to asked and answered before jumping in and supporting this.

    Who ‘owned’ before it became podshow property? Who supplied the data? Who benifited from that data? The people who created the data?

    Will it end up being sold to Verisign? ;p

    Will it ultimately fund someone’s new car, computer or house? Will it make money? Will it be charitable?

    Who will build it? Who will design it? Who will support it?

    Mr. Chow might not be too happy πŸ˜‰


  4. Regarding the Podcast Community Network –

    I still have the OPML files for the following categories kicking around here somewhere:




    If the interest is there I’d be game to both link those file in and maintain them.



  5. Posted by Earl Harrington on July 20, 2006 at 5:10 am

    Hello, Last year, when the community directory was still viable, I began development of an application to enhance it’s use. When I saw the direction was becoming misguided, I abandoned it. I would be willing to contribute it IF someone with some group accepted integrity was willing to take it over. It still needs work, but I’m told it does a good job of leveraging the original directory structure to provide a reasonably decent user interface. Please take a minute or two to check it out. Earl [ ]


  6. Re: Pirates.

    No suspension of disbelief?!?!
    Where do you live that you see the following on a daily basis: Kraken, long dead people reanimated with fish parts, once undead pirates now normal humans, and sailing ships that rise from the ocean’s depths? Are we so numb from the new things that CGI brings us that we no longer notice what is fantastic vs what is real around us?


  7. Posted by Marcelo Lopez on July 20, 2006 at 9:10 am


    If it’s not too much trouble, could you please update your rss.xml file on the homepage, it hasn’t been updated since 7/14. Sent you an email about it yesterdad, figured you might see this first.


  8. Looks a lot like a friend of mine’s beach front apartment in Jax (a bit north of there). I almost kicked him out of his apartment and called it mine. It’s too bad Jax doesn’t have a city life or I’d live there.


  9. Pirates… long a drawn out. Never know why they think quantity is what the public want over quality. I understand Pirates 3 has already been shot.


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