Scripting News for 7/21/2006

From Rob Safuto, a list of New York City podcasts

I deserve a new toy, so I got me one. 🙂 

Scoble endorses the reborn podcast directory. 

Lance Knobel: No PhD, no comment

Andrew Grumet at PodShow announces that they’ve implemented the Metaweblog API to connect authoring tools with their podcast hosting system. I reviewed the implementation privately, prior to its release, and it looks good, and of course I appreciate the support for the API.  

On this day seven years ago Apple introduced Airport, the first wireless LAN and Scripting News readers were all over it. Don Clark asked: “Have you figured out if you can use an AirPort at the airport?” Read my response, it seems funny now that using a laptop in an airport seemed so futuristic just seven years ago. 

I’ve been hearing from a lot of people who think it’s a good time to restart the community podcasting directory — so let’s give it a try.

As with the first incarnation of the directory, all the data for the new directory will be published, and can be rendered by anyone for any purpose, commercial or non-commercial; but the project itself is non-commercial. You can’t buy placement in the directory or any of the sub-directories. Let’s say that you can put ads on a rendering, that works okay because people always have choice. If they don’t like the way you’re rendering the directory, they can switch to another rendering. But you can’t put ads in the directory itself.

I’m going to use BitTorrent as a model. In that community there are lots of clients, but there is one reference implementation. In the beginning most people use the reference implementation, but as time goes on, we learn what people want, specialized needs develop, and lots of forks take place. See this as a good thing, not something to resist. The important thing, as with BitTorrent, is the content, not the client. We want to find good podcasts.

I’m going to go very slowly, writing about it from time to time. I’m going to accumulate pointers to these notes in the directory itself.

BTW, I’m not going to use the domain for this project. It’s a cute name, for sure, but I want this project to be taken seriously. I also want everyone’s support, including the podcasting company whose name is very close to that name. 🙂

6 responses to this post.

  1. Interesting – Comparing Scripting news 7 years ago and now. In 1999, most of your sources where tech or big media. Today, most of them are individual bloggers. The measure of success I reckon 🙂 Cheers, Marc.


  2. It’s true. My life and my credibility changed the second I got my doctorate, and frankly, I ain’t no smarter now than I was then.
    People still respond to the alphabet soup after your name.


  3. Can you feel the pain???

    I fully endorse and support the reboot and your planned efforts to fix and restablish a solid foundation for the podcasting open community to stand on.

    You made my week!!

    Harold Gilchrist
    Podcast Browser


  4. […] Dave Winer proposed it, Todd Cochran (sp?) and Robert Scoble support it. It must be a go! […]


  5. Posted by Tom on July 23, 2006 at 8:29 am

    I like the Guardian’s podcasts:
    Is there a way to add them to your directory?


  6. […] I’ve become really interested by Dave Winer’s weblog lately. I applaud his effort to re-start a community podcast directory. I think this is really important; directories shouldn’t be corporate owned and operated, especially not when they’re about a community-heavy topic (like podcasting). […]


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