Scripting News for 7/24/2006

George Ou: “The weather here in Silicon Valley is at peak levels over 100 degrees and the power in our neighborhood along with tens of thousands of others went out.” 

Mark Chernesky, web development director at CNN who is deeply involved in CNN’s podcasting efforts, offers $100 for the new podcast directory, and a newly updated OPML file, which is now part of the New Branches section of the rebooted directory. 

Dabble: “Search, collect and organize your favorite web videos.” 

Tomorrow, the AlwaysOn conference starts at Stanford. It’s a bit too pricey for my budget. Quite a line-up. The webcast is free. Hope their air conditioning works! 🙂 

Elisa Camahort would like to talk about the weather. They’ve been predicting a break in the heat wave every day for the last week, and then it gets hotter every day than the day before. At some point it has to break, right? In the meantime it’s freaky hot here, very unusual.  

Four years ago today: “Being kind to each other doesn’t have to interfere with being true to ourselves.” 

Reminder: Ask not what the Internet can do for you… 

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