Scripting News for 7/28/2006

Grainy movie of videoblogging session at BlogHer.  

Ryanne Hodson loves I just signed up and uploaded the grainy movie from this session. 

Ze Frank on profiteering by YouTube and other Web 2.0 companies. If you’re investing in “business models” that assume that “users” who “generate content” are going to remain naive forever, you might want to listen to Ze on this subject.  

Movie from lunch keynote at BlogHer. 

Photo: BlogHer chicks nerding out during an informative talk about RSS and accessibility.  

Photo: BlogHer chicks nerding out during lunch keynote panel.  

Marc Canter engages in dialog with the speakers. I have a rule, no questions or comments from Dave. I’m here as a guest, as an observer. Marc doesn’t have such a rule, leading to an outrageously funny exchange, that cracked me (and no one else) up. 

12:30PM — The net connection here has been really flaky. A couple of really good sessions, and until the lunch keynote panel, very informative and not much self-promotion.  

Movie from a first-day session.  

I was having trouble getting online, and a bunch of people offered help. It must have appeared to be an interesting scene, here’s the poor helpless male geek being assisted by a bunch of beautiful babes. We did get it working.  

Checking in live from Blogher. Everyone’s been very nice, lots of kissing and hugging. Total affection overload here. I’m just an observer so far, it’s very relaxing.  

They’re conspiicuously inclusive of men, it’s probably not a big deal for them, but it is for me.  

It’s also a fairly racially mixed group, much more so than the usual tech conference.  

Phil Hollows has an RSS-to-email service called FeedBlitz, think of it as an aggregator that delivers new stuff in email messages. Good idea. Now here’s something really interesting — his service supports OPML reading lists. He wants a public place for OPML file hosting. I’m sure we can figure something out. πŸ™‚ 

Ted Leonsis: “The Long Tail theory says that every deal has value and that lots of singles aggregate up to more than one home run.” Interesting way of looking at it. That’s also the theory of MoneyBall. 

New directory: C-SPAN podcasts

Thanks Tom, for doing the C-SPAN podcasts directory, and embracing the small-is-beautiful approach. Little morsels of directory-ness make lots of things possible, and increase the likelihood of a thousand flowers blooming. 

According to PaidContent, the bit, below, about Azureus getting funded is news.  

Schedule for Day 1 at BlogHer. I already feel weird being here. Lots of shrieking and giggling in the hotel lobby while I was waiting to check in. What a weird place. First thought, I feel as out of place here as women probably feel at most tech conferences. I have to remind myself that it’s not dangerous here. I think. πŸ™‚ 

Remember Dixie podcast experiment? 

Had an enjoyable dinner this evening in downtown Palo Alto. Walking back to the car after dinner I noticed a hand-written sign on an office door. It said Azureus. Apparently there’s a company behind the software? Yup. They’ve raised VC. Now there’s someone to tell me why Azureus doesn’t work on my Intel Mac.. 

Don Park has run into an enjoyable podcast that he wants to share.  

Marc Canter at BlogHer 

Marc: What’s the difference between a widget, a plug-in and an add-on?

Moderator: It’s really just semantics.

Marc: Does that have something to do with The Semantic Web?

Another Marc Canter story 

A beautiful blonde congratulates me, while I’m sitting with my sister-in-law, on the success of PeopleAggregator.

We look at each other: “She thinks you’re Marc Canter.”

Someday I’ll wake from a bad dream, relieved to find that I am not Marc Canter, and this is exactly how I’ll feel.

8 responses to this post.

  1. The women are not dangerous at all. The spiders that keep appearing on my desk might be, however. Steer clear of spiders and talk to the women. We won’t bite. Can’t say the same for the spiders though.

    Hope to meet you tomorrow.



  2. Tried to reach you by email-your links don’t work.
    Do you want to be reached?
    If yes please email me about bringing you to Toronto on your latest re podcasting.
    Thanks Dave


  3. I like the simplicity of the podcast directory. But what about copywrite? Odeo was forced to remove the C-SPAN RSS feeds, will that apply to the site as well?
    You may also display the links and other information contained in C-SPAN’s RSS feeds on a personal website so long as (i) you do not in any way modify such information, (ii) you do not redistribute the RSS feeds; (iii) you attribute the source of the feed to “”, (iv) you do not improperly associate C-SPAN as a supporter or endorser of any particular website, activity or point of view, and (v) your links redirect users to a C-SPAN website.


  4. I’m also a fan of, Dave. I’ve been using it at various events including YearlyKos and DemocracyFest to post near-real-time broadcast coverage of politicians (and political commentators) doing their thing. It’s nice not to have the size limits and posting delays of YouTube and Google Video. Combined with Dabble, there’s lots of video goodness to be had. For times when I need to publish to a more limited (intranet) audience, I set up a QuickTime streaming server on DreamHost, very quick and easy interface (with some minor technical hoops to jump through)

    Raines (at Alanta airport, on the way home from various cohousing/aging in community events in the region; see you at BlogHerCon tomorrow!)


  5. P.S. Interested in carpooling from Berkeley?


  6. Christian: I maintain the C-SPAN OPML file. Dave is including my OPML file within his directory. If C-SPAN have a problem with their inclusion in the directory or any other directory that uses the OPML, then they can e-mail me the relevant request to remove the file. It is included within the podcast directory, but also within my podcast directory (on the sidebar of my blog). Ideally, they would do the job themselves – or perhaps send us OPML folk some e-mails for helping them distribute their podcasts to a wider audience.

    I am afraid I am not sure whether or not putting a list of the RSS feeds in to an OPML file counts as redistributing the feeds. If it is, C-SPAN are at liberty to e-mail me.


  7. I would hope that they see this as a good thing and allow this kind of use. I just rember the feed going away from odeo after I had subscribed. Not that I use odeo anymore.


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