Scripting News for 7/29/2006

Schedule for Day 2 of BlogHer. 

Lizz Dunn of Technorati shows off before lunch. 

Elisa Camahort: “Blogging is the gateway drug of technology.” 

Betsy Devine: “I love this conference.” 

Amyloo tutorial on distributed OPML directories. “explores how to use digital tools and media to record and preserve spoken memories of family members.” 

Tom Morris: “From OPML seeds, big, bushy buds of OPML can flower.” 

NY Times: “What if, instead of burning up minutes on your cellphone plan, you could make free or cheap calls over the wireless networks that allow Internet access in many coffee shops, airports and homes?” 

Rex Hammock celebrates Doc Searls birthday. To which I add, glad you’re still alive Doc. And glad we are contemporaries.  

If you create a new account on you’ll get a folder of electronic schwag from BlogHer. 

Amyloo: “Aggregators ought to accept URLs of OPML files.” 

11/2/95: “Our new cave needs curtains and party favors.” 

Notes from last night’s party 

I had a wonderful time tonight. Met so many wonderful people, most of them women. Lot’s of bonding. No bad vibes, not even a teeny bit. I loved all the attention.

Maryam Scoble: “There are rooms full of beautiful, smart and smiling women here at Blogher.”

It’s so true Maryam. For example, when I had trouble getting online yesterday, it was Zadi Diaz who helped me figure out what was wrong. Man, I think I must have died and went to heaven.

A great picture of Steve Garfield, Amanda Congdon and Zadi Diaz taken last night.

3 responses to this post.

  1. Cool idea re:

    I registered the domain a couple of years ago, with vague intentions of doing something similar in my copious free time. 😉

    I’d give it to anyone who’s interested, and who promises in good faith to actually use it to post/host for sharing and preserving family history stories. There are so many people interested in family history and geneaology these days, this could be a really cool resource.


  2. Yes, and it would be great to use a OPML list as a family tree builder. It would give the “family historian” a break to pass on the job of updating new “folders” as they come online 🙂


  3. Dave,
    Thanks so much for the link to the site!!!


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