Scripting News for 8/6/2006

American Airlines supports RSS. 

A Morning Coffee Notes podcast with Doc Searls, Mike Kowalchik, Jason Calacanis, Steve Gillmor. It contains breaking news about a new career move by Doc Searls. And an ad for Digg by Jason Calacanis. Steve is a tinny voice on the Blackberry and he takes a few cheap shots at Scoble. “At this point I smell a lawsuit,” says Calacanis. 

Betsy Devine is giving a talk about “vandal waves” on Wikipedia pages, using the swiftboating page as an example.  

Getting a late start today in Cambridge. Went for a walk around the old neighborhood, it’s so pretty, and the weather is so nice. I can’t believe I feel lucky to get such good weather, at least during the Boston part of the trip. It’s in the 70s, clear, cloudless, light breeze. 

Tomorrow Doc Searls will do the same docnography for Dan Gillmor’s unconference on citizen journalism that he did for BloggerCon IV in June. I had dinner last night with Dan and a bunch of other people, to talk about tools for citizen journalism. I asked Dan what the song would be, he said there would be no song, I said it was a requirement (with a grin of course) and even suggested one by singing it. Let no one say I’ve never sung for my dinner.  

BTW, we did a little technography at Berkman in 2003.  

BTW, it’s nice to do things for Doc because he’s so damned appreciative and because he reciprocates. That’s not to say I wouldn’t help if he weren’t but it just makes me happier to do it because he’s such a pleasant dude.  

I’ve spent a lot of time hanging out with Jason Calacanis at this conference. Smart guy. Lots of ideas flying around, in all directions.  

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