Scripting News for 8/8/2006

The Work Better weblog asks that you compare the last MCN with the heavily produced TechCrunch Web 2.0 promo. I never thought to compare the two. VC-backed CEOs vs guys with in-trench experience.  

CNN: “Officials with US Senator Joe Lieberman’s re-election campaign say that ‘dirty politics’ and ‘Rovian tactics’ are to blame for what they call an online attack on their campaign Web site as Connecticut voters headed to the polls.” 

Kos: “They are paying $15/month for hosting at a place called MyHostCamp, with a bandwidth limit of 10GB. MyHostCamp is currently down, along with all their clients.” 

Niall Kennedy: “I am leaving Microsoft to start my own company.” 

Macintouch reports on yesterday’s Apple announcements.  

Wired: “He effortlessly sucks the audience into his famous ‘reality distortion field,’ a state of suspended disbelief that makes even mundane products seem like miracles of technology.” 

2 responses to this post.

  1. Come on, Dave. You think Joe Kraus, the founder of excite, doesn’t have in-trench experience? I could go on.


  2. […] Mike Arrington points out that at least some of the CEO’s in the Web 2.0 promo have trench-level experience.  […]


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