Scripting News for 8/9/2006

Dowbrigade: “It is obvious to the Dowbrigade why the terrorists, despite their threats and the capacity to act on them, have refrained from hitting us again. Like professionals everywhere, the elite international terrorists like working in America.” 

Jason Calacanis on AOL’s data spill: “I was so angry today that I had to get off my computer and do a three-mile run. I’m back at my desk but I’m still seething–how could this happen?!” 

NY Times: “Mr Geary disputed claims made by Lamont supporters that the Lieberman site was running on a cheap Internet service that did not have enough bandwidth.” 

Mike Arrington points out that at least some of the CEOs in the Web 2.0 promo have trench-level experience. 

One of the things I learned at Wikimania is that Wikipedia is what it is and it won’t change. There also appears to be a disconnect between the promoters and the people who do the work. When Jimmy Wales says that the focus in the future will be quality not quantity, this doesn’t seem to translate to anything new in the work on Wikipedia. It’s a very slippery subject, but an important one, because Wikipedia pages rank so high on the web. If they didn’t, there would hardly be a reason to discuss. In the web before Wikipedia, every point of view had a chance, but Wikipedia tends toward centralization, toward one or two views prevailing, those that are represented by people who are willing to maintain a presence on Wikipedia. This what I’m not comfortable with. 

Wikimania is the second conference I’ve been to this summer where I was not an insider. I’m going to do more of these. They’re very expanding, compared to experiences where I’m an insider.  

Kevin Burton disputes Technorati’s numbers. 

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